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Executive Council Meets via M365: Treasury and Administration

May 15, 2021

Treaty 2 Territory – The Executive Council met virtually on Thursday 6 May 2021. A number of matters regarding treasury and administration were discussed and moved through the Governance, Treasury and Administration and Nation Building process.

The Executive Council is comprised of five members from the Governing Council. They report to the Governing Council, which is responsible for implementing the resolutions and laws passed by the Governing Council as well as the administration (day to day business) of FNT2T.

Executive Council discussed how all FNT2T Keepers and Helpers are working hard for the Nation. They are held accountable through the communication of all councils, circles, and technology tools in place via email, M365, websites, media, and

FNT2T Policy and Legal Keepers provided a report which discussed the political circles for Governing Council to meet with Canada’s ministers as meetings are being planned with CIRNC, NRCAN, Justice, ISC and other ministries.

The Governing Council passed the Treasury and Administration law was passed on 11 February 2021: ( The Executive Council mandated the FNT2T Lead Keeper to work closely with the Treasury and Administration Keeper ensuring that the law is implemented so budgets and workplans continue to flow through this process.

The Treasury and Administration Law is in motion. Changes continue with the addition to add another layer of accountability confirmed through the law. A decision was made to have FNT2T Lead Keeper long term and focus on achieving resolutions and mandate given by Governing Council and all Councils, which includes stepping away from administration. The interim Treasury and Administration Keeper is now official through Executive Council appointment.

The L1 Administration, discussed and enhanced in our governance booklet, is a great model that is working well for the main administration and circle administration. Nation/Economic Development, CFN, CPNW, and Peacemaking Circles will begin the work toward setting up their own administration.

Last modified: May 19, 2021

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