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Ebb and Flow First Nation’s Sunshine Levasseur uses Art to help spread awareness of the struggles faced by Indigenous alike

May 21, 2021

Treaty 2 Territory –
“As an Indigenous student going to school in the city, I always make sure to spread awareness of our struggles through my assignments and projects in spaces where people may not be educated about or aware of.”
Sunshine Levasseur of Ebb and Flow First Nation is a 17-year-old Anishinaabe student who attends St. James Collegiate High School in Winnipeg.
Her visual art class was asked to create pictures with words, lyrics, or quotes.
“What you see is a mix of colour and words, and in these words is a figure of a woman in her jingle dress regalia. The woman is my older sister, Iroc Levasseur, and she was a big inspiration for me. I used words to describe my sister, but also words such as resiliency, strength, and beauty because those are the words I associate with when I think of Indigenous culture and people.”
“I encourage other Indigenous youth like me to express themselves through their art and share it with the world because Indigenous time is now,” she said.
Artwork: Sunshine Levasseur, Photo: Lorelei Staffer | #art #artwork #artproject #micrography #IndigenousArt #CBCIndigenous

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