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Wellness Camp under way for Pinaymootang First Nation – Camp Mino-Ayaawin

June 1, 2021

Treaty 2 Territory – In partnership with local networks Pinaymootang First Nation are nearing its final phases of establishing its Wellness Camp in the Nation for Children and Families. This area holds many memories and is referred to as Camp Mino-Ayaawin which has been planned since 2020.

Pinaymootang First Nation Director of Health Gwen Traverse vision for Camp Mino-Ayaawin, is to renew, recharge and empower all. The camp goal is for families to find hope and healing here and build the skills to be confident to continue with even more healing closer at home. To bring back teachings by getting in touch with the land and water by incorporating our Indigenous ways of life.

Learning in a beautiful environment away from daily distractions – surrounded by support, and encouragement, has been a turning point for many.

Since the pandemic took effect in 2020, it opened many eyes to current struggles that many have been faced with. One of the key areas noted, was the mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual components of our Nation. After much thought, the Pinaymootang First Nation Leadership and Health Leads put their vision together for the start-up of Camp Mino-Ayaawin. Being directed from one of the council members Richard Woodhouse, who had showed an area where he gardens as a potential place. At that time, the area was bare, with little to no development. Today, there has been so much progress, a big thank you is extended to council member Brian Sanderson and sons Jordan and David Sanderson for their non-stop commitment as well as to council member Ted Woodhouse.

One of the topics mentioned, was that many of our children, young adults, men, and women do not have a place to go and enjoy time together. Another important component to the camp is to allow for our knowledge keepers to utilize this space as well.

A variety of the goals that were brought forward about the Wellness Camp include, our children and staff of the Jordan’s Principle program to make use of the area with gardening projects, teen camping and other cultural teachings. It will be an area for all community organizations who conduct programming whether it be for youth, women, men, and our respected elders to gather for outdoor activities for the Nations members to utilize.

This project was meant for the Nation of Pinaymootang as a whole, the only specific request is that the Wellness Camp be treated with genuine respect.

“Being outdoors near land and water provides such healing which helps clear the mind.” Gwen Traverse.

Camp Mino-Ayaawin will provide many opportunities for our children and families to engage and heal with one another for many years to come. We look forward to all the activities and gatherings that will take place for our Nation at the new Wellness Camp.


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Savannah Stagg, Pinaymootang First Nation

Children, Families and Nation – Research and Engagement Helper

Last modified: June 1, 2021

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