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Canada’s National Action Plan (NAP) Must Now Include Us

June 3, 2021

Treaty 2 Territory – Two years has passed since the release of the Final Report of the MMIWG National Inquiry, and we the First Nations in Treaty 2 Territory (FNT2T) eagerly look forward to  the unveiling of Canada’s National Action Plan on MMIWG and LGBTQQIA+ on June 3, 2021.   Many questions from families and survivors and Local Nations have surmounted over the past two years about the progress, or lack thereof, with respect to meaningful action on the Calls for Justice following the completion of the National Inquiry.

It is FNT2T’s expectation that the actions outlined in the NAP will be long-term, meaningful, substantive and will reach women, girls and the LGBTQQIA+  citizens in our Nations. Families and survivors need to be at the center of decision making and informing leaders and service delivery agencies whether it is within our Nations, or the provincial or federal government levels. We expect provincial and federal governments to include the families and survivors from the Treaty 2 Territory to be included and part of those processes.

The federal budget for 2021 set out $2.2 billion for responding to the National Inquiry and FNT2T will advocate for these investments to support the Local Nations in developing strategies to prevent and address this tragic issue and to immediately stop further loss life and violence and to provide healing and wellness supports to families and survivors who are coping and grieving.

Treaty 2 Territory also acknowledges that the Native Women’s Association of Canada (NWAC) was formerly one of 19 organizations involved with the National Action Plan working group; however, will no longer be signatories, calling the process “flawed”, and instead released their own action plan on June 1, 2021. NWAC set out 65 actions that the organization will take to address the Calls for Justice. NWAC’s action plan can be found here: NWAC-action-plan-FULL-ALL-EDITS.pdf FNT2T will be reviewing NWAC’s action plan and will also work to ensure the actions will benefit families and survivors.

FNT2T will continue to follow the progress of the National Action Plan and hold governments accountable as we envision what our own roles and responsibilities are as a First Nations Government in responding to the Calls for Justice, and moreover, in the protection of our women and supporting those impacted by MMIWGT. Our Peacemaking Circle met with Canada on June 1, 2021 and informed them of our MMIWGT Sub-Circle and our intention for resources to respond and support this important work in our nations.

“It is time for Canada, Manitoba and Saskatchewan to take immediate action to support FNT2T’S law development and inherent right to self-determination so that Local Nations have the jurisdiction and fiscal resources to provide supports and substantive equality to families and survivors, and also end the violence and genocide perpetrated against Indigenous women and girls and LGBTQQIA+ people”. Grand Chief Eugene Eastman

The Core working group developing the National Action are inviting people to participate in a virtual ceremony on June 3, 2021 at 10am Central. Support is available in the form of a support line for those affected by missing and murdered Indigenous women, girls, Two Spirit and LGBTQQIA+ people. For immediate emotional assistance, call: 1-844-413-6649. This is a national, toll-free 24/7 crisis call line providing support for anyone who requires emotional assistance related to missing and murdered Indigenous women and girls.

You can also access long-term health support services such as mental health counselling, community-based emotional support and cultural services, and some travel costs to see Elders and traditional healers.

Webcast link:

By teleconference:

English line: 1-877-413-4815

Passcode: 1080977#

French line: 1-888-265-0903

Passcode: 2438981#

Inuktitut: 1-866-805-7923

Passcode: 5796112#”





Last modified: June 12, 2021

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