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Manitoba’s Approach to Wildlife Management

June 5, 2021

Treaty 2 Territory – When the PC government first came to power one of their promises to their constituents was to attack the Rights of our Indigenous hunters by focusing on our night hunters. This was done so with the help of then Executive Director Rob Olson of Manitoba Wildlife Federation, who viewed this as a mission for the MWF. Rob Olson was then parachuted into the Deputy Minister position of Manitoba Conservation, a tenure that didn’t last long but still has lasting effects within our territory and our nations. Mr. Olson was then transitioned into Director of The Wildlife Branch where he remains today. Mr. Olson was granted access to our CPNWC as well as to some local nations meetings. In these meetings it is safe to say he did nothing but blow smoke up our keesters by pronouncing our involvement was key to any success regarding the successful management of the natural resources within our territory, more specifically the moose.

He touted and promoted shared management as a way forward but to date we have not heard a word from him or his department other then “an expert has been hired”. Said expert resides in the east coast and can’t travel to Manitoba while Covid has its grips on us. Now this would lead one to think nothing is happening but that is further from the truth. One only has to visit the MWF website to see the MWF has been heavily engaged during Covid; statements such as, Shared Management on it’s website under it’s own policies. The page then proceeds to describe how MWF actually dictated to the Province in regards to “Shared Management”. The MWF further states that the key to Shared management is more enforcement. This clearly indicates that the trophy hunting entity called the MWF does not have a clue what a successful Shared Management regime would look like.

All principles involved fail to realize, it’s not about the moose, it’s about the relationship, to which none exists. The links below further articulate the issues others have expressed with the cronyism exhibited by this government and the infiltration of political operatives within the bureaucracy. How are we expected to be treated fairly and trust a system within a Shared management regime when the branch Director, the Executive Director of the Manitoba Wildlife Federation and the Minister spend the fall hunting together and fishing in the spring.


Submitted By:

Ron Missyabit, Keeper of the Natural World

and Shawn Gurke, GIS/Helper

Last modified: June 5, 2021

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