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The Indian Act and Peacemaking

June 10, 2021

Treaty 2 Territory – It is no secret that Canada’s Indian Act as an oppressive tool to control First Nation people. The Indian Act it has caused intergenerational oppression and damage to the Anishinabek and Indigenous peoples across Canada. The Indian Act of 1876 has been in effect for 145 years with amendments, has resulted in dependence on the Canadian government. This dependence shattered many spirits of the Anishinabek as the Canadian Government continues to impose racist policies. Therefore, the Anishinabek people of Treaty 2 Territory is asserting their inherent rights and will create their own Peacemaking System that will eventually replace the Indian Act.

The Indian Act has three main principles:

  1. To Civilize Indian People;
  2. To manage Indian people and their lands;
  3. Define who is and is not an Indian.

The federal government continues to use the Indian Act as their tool to have power over the First Nation people, the land, and its resources. As a result, billions of dollars in resources taken from the land and little reimbursed to the First Nation people. The First Nations are underfunded and under resourced. As a result of the lack of resources, poverty is ongoing issue that results in poor housing, poor water quality, high suicide rates, and overrepresentation in social systems.

Peacemaking is a contradiction to the Indian Act. Unlike the Indian Act, Peacemaking is about self-determination and reversing the effects of the Indian Act. Peacemaking is restoring Anishinaabe legal framework that follows the natural laws that will lead to Mino-Bimaadiziwin. The First Nations in the Treaty 2 Territory are asserting their inherent rights and restoring Anishinaabe governing systems that focus on self-determination, reclaiming their Anishinaabe identity, and implementation of our own laws and governing systems.

Peacemaking has three main principles

  1. Empower people to be self-determining and Mino-Bimaadiziwin.
  2. Administer our own Anishinaabe governing system.
  3. Create T2 territorial laws and support local nations in their own laws.

In conclusion, the Peacemaking system will restore Anishinaabe governing systems, create and implement the laws, and healing the harms of the Indian Act. Peacemaking will empower Treaty 2 Local Nations to administer their land, resources, and governing systems.

Last modified: June 11, 2021

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