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Andrea Landry speaks to the youth of Treaty 2 Territory

June 24, 2021

Treaty 2 Territory – For the final FNT2T Youth Forum session, guest speaker Andrea Landry spoke on a variety of topics to the youth of the territory. Andrea is from the Pays Plat First Nation and currently resides in Treaty 6 territory of Pound Maker Cree Nation. She teaches Indigenous studies at the University of Saskatchewan. Donna Beyer of the Life Long Learning Circle hosted the online forum. Knowledge Keeper Louie Malcolm of the Ebb Flow Anishanabe Nation offered the opening prayer and spoke to the youth in attendance.

Andrea Landry spoke of the Colonial Paradigm and how colonialism changed the ways of the anishanabe people of Turtle Island. She spoke on the differences of how the anishanabe people were traditionally raised as a people vs the Colonial way that is dividing our people and losing our connection with our traditions and values as anishanabe people. The anishanabe way of life was living in harmony with the land and respecting the seven teachings. There was time for questions and comments from the youth in attendance. Donna Beyer presented an activity power point presentation to the youth on the colonialism and the effects. Please look for upcoming Youth forum sessions online.

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Scott Lynxleg

Internal/External Keeper

FNT2T (First Nations Treaty 2 Territory)

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