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CPNW Circle Honoured to Present at the Request of Youth Council

June 24, 2021

Treaty 2 Territory – During their June 17th Virtual Youth Circle Meeting, Ron Missyabit, Keeper of the FNT2T Care and Protection of the Natural World spoke to the Youth Council members and guests about Nation Building and how Aki effects our whole way of being. Our connection to earth influences and sustains us. This relationship affords us Inherent rights and responsibilities. Inherent Law derives from this relationship. These Laws influence every aspect of the way we function as a Nation.

Shawn Gurke, CPNW GIS Tech/Helper met with the FNT2T Youth Council prior to the Covid 19 Pandemic.  At that time they had some hands on time with GIS technology and even experience a drone flight while wearing a full heads up display that put them right into the drones cockpit. This time CPNW shared the online system that has been developed to safely store and easily share the various layers of data that has been collected on the development of maps over the past year.

CPNW also shared a brief update hoping to raise excitement about our Aki Guardians Program that has been developed with The Lodge and Assiniboine Community College. In its final phases of development the program aims to train Aki Guardians who understand the Anishinabek’s relationship to the Earth, our Inherent Rights, Responsibilities and Laws. Alongside this a valuable set of technical land management skills and conflict management will help the Guardians share the valuable knowledge of our People to manage and protect our Land.

Meegwetch again to the Youth Council for having us attend and we hope to see you all in person again soon!

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Ron Missyabit, Keeper  | Shawn Gurke, Helper/GIS Technician

Last modified: June 24, 2021

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