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Pinaymootang’s Lana Racette shares blog highlighting Camp Mino-Ayaawin Wellness Camp

July 3, 2021

Treaty 2 Territory – The following post was shared on the Pinaymootang First Nation Facebook Page by Executive Office Assistant, Lana Racette. Miigwech Lana for sharing an update on Camp-Mino-Ayaawin, and for the updated photos. 

Pinaymootang Anishinaabe Nation – Treaty 2 Territory, July 1, 2021

While the rest of Canadians are celebrating Canada Day it’s a somber day for those in Indigenous Nations. Pinaymootang Anishinaabe Nation begins its healing journey by establishing a wellness camp called “Camp Mino-Ayaawin”. Gwen Traverse, Health Director had a vision to create a healing camp for her fellow members. She states “the intent is to have our members reconnect to the land and the water which she feels will bring healing from the many issues of trauma our Nations have endured.”

The next step was selecting a location – this was not too hard as she had hosted the first annual Elders Gathering on the very grounds back in 2008. The grounds she had chosen are located at the mouth of Pineimuta Lake a.k.a Fairford River and adjoins the Lake St. Martin waterway.

At the 2008 Elders Gathering, the elders spoke about gathering in the same location many years ago with surrounding Nations – Pinaymootang, Lake St. Martin, Little Saskatchewan and Dauphin River and they had dubbed it “the meeting place”. The elders had all shared stories of their youth, how each family had arrived by boat and would have a week long celebrations and camp out along the River so the location was ideal.

In 2020, with all the history knowledge embedded in her mind, her vision became a reality. Little by little and with the assistance of many local members the wellness camp is taking shape. It’s her hope that the camp will be used by families who will host family reunions, birthday celebrations or anniversaries. She also states that the site will be used for Land Based Programs, Healing Workshops, Women, Men, Youth Workshops and Nation Gatherings.


The site will have 12 cabins fully equipped with beds and bedding, kitchen cookout station, sharing circle, 4 community gardens and will showcase a range of antique items – with the wagon monument structure being the first of many.

It’s an exciting time for Pinaymootang. Kudos to Ms. Traverse and the members of Pinaymootang Anishinaabe Nation for beginning their journey to healing ❤️

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Last modified: July 3, 2021

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