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Reviewing Inakonegawin and Onankonehkawinan in T2T

July 13, 2021

Treaty 2 Territory – A proposed Inakonegawin is submitted by the Grand Council or Council (Governing, Knowledge, Men, Women and Youth) or Circle. Governing Council considers, discusses, identifies options, preferences, and suggests ideas to develop the proposed Onankonehkawinan


The law proposal is circulated among the Policy/Legal and Circle Keepers to determine advantages and disadvantages and develop a proposed draft Onankonehkawinan and a briefing note.  The drafting note will be delivered to the sponsoring Circle Keeper and the Governing Council.


Governing Council considers and discusses the proposed draft and makes a decision to advance through the Councils. Drafting instructions are approved.


The Chairpersons of each Council will review and makes edits, changes or recommendations to provide to the sponsoring Council. Councils will then review the draft Onankonehkawinan and return it with any proposed revisions to the Governing Council by the chairperson of the Council(s). Engagement with Local Nations process is conducted.


The Sponsoring Circle Keeper shall consider the Instructions from Governing Council and prepare a proposed final draft Onankonehkawinan and present it to the Governing Council.


The final Draft is delivered to the Chairpersons of each Council and all Councils. The Onankonehkawinan is then voted on by Governing Council, and if passed, is presented at the Grand Council.  Presentation will be made by the sponsor Council’s chairperson along with the Niigaanii (Leader) of the sector the law is written for.


7.1 First reading – Law is presented by Governing Council at the Grand Council. Following reading the law may be passed as amended for the next reading.

  • Second reading – Law is discussed at second reading and passed.
  • Third reading – Law is discussed at third and final reading and passed.

When the Peacemaking Onankonehkawinan is reviewed by the Grand Council 24/25 August 2021 this process may change to fit within Peacemaking under the Makinaak (Turtle) Circle – Law Centre.

Last modified: July 18, 2021

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