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Ogichidaa Eastman responds to “Unproductive Narratives” coming out from Manitoba’s Conservative Chambers

July 15, 2021


Ogichidaa Eastman responds to “Unproductive Narratives” coming out from Manitoba’s Conservative Chambers

 Treaty 2 Territory – July 15, 2021

As an Anishinaabe Leader, our ways of governing are inherently connected to our history and if we were to deny Debwewin (Truth), our grandmothers would be quick to correct our behaviour to ensure that there is accountability – these ancestral teachings are important to note as we break through the pathologizing of our Anishinaabe communique as an “Angry Indian”. And to deny our peoples their truth or circumvent healing is considered an unethical approach. The carrying out of duties and obligations as Niigaanii’s (Those who lead) will continue to set the example of what a true democratic and kind response should exemplify in our Anishinaabek Territory.

Whenever we talk about race and the denial of it there isn’t much progress to be made as a province. The statement that was made by the incoming Government of Manitoba Minister of Indigenous Affairs is deeply concerning since there has been a significant amount of education and awareness of the genocidal impacts stemming from the Indian Residential School. Our nation is well versed in the attempts of other governments to invalidate our stories and laws while avoiding the dialogue on race with the current Government of Manitoba.

Could it be that there is Pallister protocol currently in order where legitimate data is overlooked to keep this conservation “superficial and avoidant?” The statements coming out of Manitoba’s conservative chambers today signals that reconciliation continues to be left behind.

“In a government-to-government context, the Ogemaag calls on Pallister and his cabinet to lead with integrity rather than perpetuating a hostile, and racially charged agenda – we invite the Pallister Government to come and learn how our Anishinaabe peacemaking principles can impact the Province of Manitoba in a healthier way through a democratic way of governing. After all we deserve a safe place to call home” – Ogichidaa Eastman


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