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The Mikinaak Circle and the Value of Truth

July 15, 2021

Treaty 2 Territory – The Mikinaak Circle will be the holder of Truth as the oversees the Anishinaabe Law Centre and Registrar. The Turtle is recognized in the Anishinaabe Culture as the holder of truth. The Mikinaak Circle will restore this responsibility by administering the Law Centre. The Law Centre will be responsible for researching and drafting the law brought forward from the Nation. The Law Centre will ensure the laws are consistent, professional, and translated into Anishinaabe.

The Mikinaak Circle’s roles and responsibilities will ensure that the Anishinaabe Law Centre researched, drafted, and consistent with the mandate of the Treaty 2 Territory. The Mikinaak Circle will ensure that the laws are written professionally and reflective of Anishinaabe culture and values. The Anishinaabe Law Centre will ensure the laws are accessible, registered, and published. The Anishinaabe Law Centre will provide oversight of policy and legal analysts who work for the Treaty 2 Government.

Upon completion of the draft laws, the Anishinaabe Law Centre will translate the laws into the Anishinaabe language to ensure they meet the language standards.  The Anishinaabe Law Centre will consult with the Knowledge Council who are fluent speakers of the language. Due to the different dialects, the draft Anishinaabe law will be presented in the local nations to ensure the dialect is correct. The Anishinaabe language will provide deeper understanding of the law and the positive impacts it will have in the Treaty 2 Territory.

Last modified: July 23, 2021

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