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FNT2T Internal/External working with all FNT2T circles in the local nations with Inakonegawin and Onankonehkawinin

July 17, 2021

Treaty 2 Territory – FNT2T Internal/External over the past few weeks has attended various FNT2T council meetings virtually and as of last week in person meetings have taken place with the loosened restrictions and low case counts in the nations in the territory. Internal/External works with all circles and the nations in having a communication with each nation and in the near future, in person engagements on local law development. Meetings attended included:

  • Women’s Council
  • Men’s Council
  • Knowledge Council
  • Parkland Practisioners
  • Treaty 2 Flag raising – Brandon University
  • Treasury and Administration
  • FNT2T Circle Keepers
  • Inakonegawin (law making process) and Onankonehkawinin (laws)

Internal/External will be working with Care and Protection of the Natural World Circle, interviewing the Knowledge Keepers in some of our local nations as part of the Climate Change project with 7 of the local nations. There has been requests from all organizations, schools looking for awareness and education with respect of the indigenous people and the treaties that were signed. There is a need for this type of education and awareness. The Earth Lodge have keepers that can come and present the history of the territory and indigenous culture to all people to have a better understanding of our ways and traditions. There is an event marking the making of Treaty 2 and the 150th year since the making of the treaty. This will take place from August 16-21,2021 at Eagle Island in Ebb and Flow nation. Please look for upcoming postings and you can register at our website for the event.  Please look for our Moccasin News Trail, now available in hard copy and online. FNT2T government would like to thank all the workers and members in the nations who are keeping their nations safe.

For more information, please visit our website: or our face book page.


Scott Lynxleg

Internal/External Keeper

FNT2T (First Nations Treaty 2 Territory)

Last modified: July 19, 2021

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