Nation-Based Sovereign-Based Government

The Makwa Circle and Peacekeeping

July 22, 2021

Treaty 2 Territory – As the Treaty 2 Government continues to strive to create a Peacemaking System, Peacemaking understands to maintain peace and harmony in the Nation there needs to be Peacekeepers. The Makwa Circle, who are the protectors, will restore their role and be the Peacekeepers of the Treat 2 Territory. The Makwa Circle has four sub circles which includes the Sun Makwa, the Red Makwa, the Black Makwa, and the White Makwa. These sub-circles are culturally appropriate units that recognize Peacekeeper’s gifts and abilities.

The Sun Makwa means the administration of the Makwa Circles. Administration includes a Call Centre, Licensing for hunting and permits, T2 Highways/Roads in local Nations, local patrolling, check stops, search and rescue, and Aki Guardians. The Sun Makwa will be the first point of contact for local nation members.

The Red Makwa will be responsible for Restorative Peacemaking. The White Makwa focuses on advocating for alternate measures for offences such as youth, break and enter, disturbance, domestic violence, common assaults, theft less $5000, addiction related, and First Time Offenders. The White Makwa refers the individual to the Deer Circle for Restorative Peacemaking support.

The Black Makwa is responsible for Summary Offences. Examples of summary offences include theft over $5000.00, sexual offences, elder abuse, and possession of a controlled substance. The Black Makwa also provides Wellness Supervision (Probation Services and Child, Family, Nation). The Black Makwa attends the Loon Circle for updates with the Deer Circle when needed.

The White Makwa are responsible for more serious offences that are indictable in the Loon Circle. Examples of Indictable charges are Drug trafficking, organized crime, Homicide, serious sexual offences, offences against children, and enforces banishments.

Finally, Peacekeepers will be responsible for protecting the nation. The intent is that the Makwa Circle changes the way policing is done and the local nations members feel a sense of safety. In order for one to feel a sense of safety and security, peace, harmony, balance, and natural order must be restored. Once these natural laws are restored, Anishinabek will have Mino-Bimaadiziwin.

Last modified: July 23, 2021

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