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The Ahjijawk is Peacemaking’s Appeals Circle

July 23, 2021

Treaty 2 Territory – The Ahjijawk Circle, which is the last circle of Peacemaking, will oversee appeals from the Crane Circle. The Ahjijawk Circle will be home of the Grandmother’s Circle. The Grandmother’s will restore their role as the final decision maker of the Nation. In addition, they will give advice to the Turtle Circle on laws. The Ahjijawk will make the final decisions on banishments.

The Ahjijawk will hear appeals on criminal, civil, and youth matters. The Ahjijawk will hear from the individual, review the laws broken, review the wellness plan, and inform the helper judge on their decision. The Judge is there for consultation and ensure that the decision is aligned with the CFN Law, Peacemaking Law, and Criminal Code of Canada. The Ahjijawk is also home to the Child Family Nation (CFN) Tribunal that will make the final decision on CFN matters.

The Ahjijawk Circle recognizes that Anishinabek recognize grandmothers as the final decision makers. When the grandmothers speak, all listen without question. Their position as the decision makers were displaced when the Indian Act came into effect. The while males that worked for the government did not want to talk to the women as they had patriarchy and hierarchy worldviews. As a result, the Chief and Council became the decision makers of the Local Nations. Peacemaking will ensure there is a balanced approach to appeals, as the grandmother’s and helper judges will be involved in appeals in the Treaty 2 Territory.

Last modified: July 23, 2021

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