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The Mahng Circle Will Replace the Courts

July 23, 2021

Treaty 2 Territory – One of the Seven Circles of Peacemaking is the Mahng Circle. The Mahng Circle, what the western worlds sees as the court system, is responsible for legal processes. In order to have peace and harmony, there needs to be order. The Mahng Circle will oversee legal processes through an Anishinaabe worldview. The Mahng Circle will oversee criminal, civil, youth, and family matters.

The Mahng Circle will oversee family matters. The Mahng Circle recognizes and abides by the Treaty 2 Child Family Nation Law. The Mahng Circle will be the home of the CFN Tribunal. The goal of the CFN Tribunal is to ensure a child feels loved. The Mahng Circle also covers criminal and youth matters with the goal of the individual to complete their wellness plan. The Mahng Circle will review the wellness plan, that was completed with the Deer Circle, and it will be come a wellness supervision plan. A Wellness Supervision Order is like a Probation Order except it focuses on healing rather the probation conditions. The Mahng Circle will oversee civil matters as they become developed and passed as law by the Grand Council.
The Mahng Circle differs from the western Court system as it is in a circle rather then in hierarchy. When you attend court, that hierarchy is quickly noticed as you see the judge sitting at the front facing the people, then the lawyers, and then the people. The Mahng Circle will be facilitated in a circle and will include community members and helpers from the other Circles of Peacemaking. While the Mahng Circle is in order, they will discuss the charges, review the wellness plan, hear from witnesses, and order wellness supervision. If the individual fails to comply with wellness supervision, Chief and Council will be consulted on banishment.

The Mahng Circle greatest purpose is to restore peace and harmony in the Local Nations. It will restore community involvement and will provide a safe space for victims to be heard and feel supported. The Mahng Circle will have a balanced approach to matters and will take account strengths and weakness of the individual and the wellness of the victim. Through implanting natural laws in the Mahng Circle, there will be in increase in Mino-Bimaadiziwin.

Last modified: July 23, 2021

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