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FNT2T Life Long Learning: What Did We Learn?

July 30, 2021

Treaty 2 Territory: Boozhoo! We hope that everyone is safe and well. It’s hard to believe that we’re days from August. The summer is flying by! In June, FNT2T hosted a virtual youth gathering. Life Long Learning had various online activities prepared for its session; however, we didn’t get to the activities as the time just flew by. The FNT2T Youth Council had made a request to reflect on what is taught – and not taught – in curriculum. And most importantly, to reflect on the critical-thinking question of “Why is certain content not taught?”

I didn’t even learn about the word colonization until I reached university. And I didn’t know my parents attended residential schools until I was an adult; thus, over the years I continuously asked myself: “Why didn’t I know this? Why were (are) these significant parts of history suppressed? And why does telling the truth make so many people uncomfortable?” So, for the FNT2T virtual youth gathering, I wanted to try to raise more awareness of ‘What We Know and What We Don’t Know’.

The first activity was a visual activity in which participants viewed an image of a person, place, or item and wrote down who, where, or what it was. Most of us know who Stephen Harper is when shown his picture but do we know who Big Bear is? Do we know who Alanis Obomsawin is? Do we know the stories (teachings) of Waynaboozhoo or Weendigoo? Unfortunately, many do not. Provincial curriculum has content about European explorers like Jacques Cartier, but what is absent is that First Nations peoples were the (much-needed and heavily-relied-on) guides in those ‘explorations’. First Nations peoples knew the land, water, skies, weather, seasons, animals, plants, ecosystems, migration patterns, and so much more.

As mentioned, we didn’t get to the remainder of the awareness (interactive) activities during the virtual youth gathering but they are still available online so if you’d like to have some fun while reflecting on your knowledge here is a link to the first activity that focuses on Time Immemorial And remember, it isn’t so much about knowing all the answers as it is to become more aware and reflect on what has been taught and what has not been taught over time (and today).

FNT2T Life Long Learning will continue to post the remainder of activities over the next few weeks! Renew and revitalize. To learn more, please visit our website at


Submitted By: Donna Beyer, Keeper – Life Long Learning Circle

Last modified: July 30, 2021

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