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On International Indigenous Peoples Day – The Treaty 2 Government Stands with our Nations

August 9, 2021

Treaty 2 Territory – Since time immemorial we have been stewarding our lands, waters and governing ourselves through law making. As part of the Anishinaabe way of life – the duty and obligation to write and protect our laws is also part of our collective higher-calling. Akina Saago Niij Anishinaabek Ogi Miinaagowziiwaag Chi Ozhibiged Onekonekawin.

As part of the duty and obligation to transfer our knowledge to the next generation the Ogemaag highlight that this is a critical activity and one that requires on-going relations inclusive of our Anishinaabe peoples that are gifted with certain areas of law. Take for instance, Ogemaa Catcheway, in the Territory – we all give credit to the fishers of Skownan as being sources of Kiigo Inakonegewin. Presently, the saigegan’s in Skownan, Ebb and Flow and Ochi-chak-ko-sipi are impacted by very low levels of niibi and the conditions of these lake levels infringes on our rights holder’s – sacred anisihinaabe duty and right to fish.

It is obvious that the “Aki Inakongewin” and the Manitoba Conservation Act are in direct conflict. The Treaty 2 Government is beyond frustrated that the knowledge keepers and peoples of Skownan, Ebb and Flow, O-Chi-Chak-Ko-Sipi do not have the freedom to enjoy their way of life in fish harvesting or to safely steward and monitor their Saig’gegan’s.

“And should both the Canadian and Provincial Governments be paying attention our main message is that we will not give up our deepest beliefs – and sacred connection to the waters and Anishinaabe Aki. So, we urge Canada to step up to facilitate and act on their constitutional obligations in a meaningful way”, expressed Chief Catcheway of Skownan.

The Ogemaag recognize that more jurisdictional assertions and action from Manitoba and Canada need to be done. Additionally, without gatherings and hearing directly from the fishers on how best to protect their fishing rights and without the cooperation of the Crown to act honourably with their side of the Treaty. It becomes increasingly critical to raise that the current altered water levels coincide with the health and wellbeing of our nation’s peoples.

“As an Anishinaabe Government that stands up for our inherent right to develop and implement our Laws – the Aki Law is a sacred covenant that must be respected by all levels of governments.  “Anishinaabe Agowidiiwinan is an international agreement that must be in honoured and upheld through the building of national and international relations” explained Ogichidaa Eugene Eastman.

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