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Pallister will not seek reelection as Premier of Manitoba; The Treaty 2 Government applauds Pallister’s decision to step down.

August 10, 2021


Pallister will not seek re-election as Premier of Manitoba; The Treaty 2 Government applauds Pallister’s decision to step down.

 Treaty 2 Territory – August 10th, 2021

To give credit to where it is due for this political game changer is held by the direction and voice of the Chiefs. In a political and treaty context, the priority to ensure that any acts of genocide will no longer be tolerated has been set quite clearly.

Our Anishinaabe Knowledge Keepers and Leaders before us have modelled the way in terms of courageously speaking out to hold all levels of government accountable for political marginalization.  One of main political realities here is that racism exists and grows if your party supports it – whether your party is touting partisan or non-partisanship or not.


“The times of denial or the simple strategy of the “walking-back” of things said to harm our first peoples are over. Therefore, the political ideologies of any political party must be given an overhaul and align with the spirit, intent, and truth of reconciliation – a strong leadership call to be inclusive and respectful of the sacred treaty relationship remains to be a daily and pressing election expectation for T2T.


The Ogemaag will continue to be insistent and in front of what most people may find difficult topics or situations. It is our hope and vision that dialogues on racism and genocide will be meaningful rather than one that is constrained or limiting, moving forward!” –stated Ogichidaa Eastman



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