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Reflections on 150 Commemoration & MMIWG Calls for Justice

August 25, 2021

Treaty 2 – Reflecting on the Treaty 2 150 commemoration this past week, it was cold and rainy but being in the presence of Elders, the language and Ceremony was like being wrapped in comforting blanket. There was a sense of pride, hope, and nationhood. Many of our people, young people in particular, don’t have access to language and Ceremony. They are missing a sense of belonging and identity – we know this is foundational for living a good life. FNT2T is committed to creating opportunities to bring people together and support the work and celebrations in local nations.

The 150 event hosted many incredible Indigenous entertainers. With this in mind, I was drawn to highlight The MMIWG National Inquiry’s Call to Justice 2.7,  “We call upon all governments to adequately fund and support Indigenous-led initiatives to improve the representation of Indigenous Peoples in media and pop culture”. The MMIWG National Inquiry identified 231 Calls to Justice required to prevent, protect, and support  MMIWG. These are things we can all participate in as individuals and in our nations. I look forward to celebrating and enjoying our local talent in T2T.

Jennifer Meixner, Peacemaking Policy Keeper

Last modified: August 25, 2021

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