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Post-election: Centering Treaty 2 in a Renewed Relationship with Canada

September 22, 2021

Treaty 2 – Since the Federal election was called just over a month ago, Canada postponed our bi-weekly engagement with FNT2T Peacemaking. Now following the outcome of the recent Federal election, Treaty 2 Peacemaking will pick up the momentum towards a Justice Agreement and the implementation of our Peacemaking System in Treaty 2. It was nice to see Treaty 2 citizens exercising their right to vote however, not all of our First Nations relatives in Canada had a voice this election. CBC News reported on the barriers for First Nations citizens to access polling stations on Monday September 20, 2021.  Remote First Nations see more barriers in voter card errors, polling station confusion | CBC News In one remote Nation in Ontario, voters learned that polling stations were not as accessible as they should have been. For one citizen, the nearest polling station was a 6 hour drive from their community, leaving people to feel that their voice doesn’t matter. This motivates FNT2T to continue to amplify and center the voices of Treaty 2 citizens and demand acknowledgement of our nation to nation relationship.

Submitted on behalf of FNT2T Peacemaking

Last modified: September 22, 2021

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