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Sports & Recreation developing law

October 22, 2021

Treaty 2 Territory – FNT2T Sports & Recreation is currently in the process of creating our laws which will govern Sports & Recreation in Treaty 2 Territory.   Sports & Recreation Keeper, Craig Beaulieu has been meeting with other FNT2T Keeper’s and helpers as they assist in developing the Sports & Recreation Law.

Craig explained “Its a very important process to include other keepers within our FNT2T circles.  I plan to present the first draft and get feedback from our Youth Council and community members at our annual Youth Forum.   I have also been in contact with Elders from some of our nations for guidance and language assistance, and I also want to point out that our circle will not be sport specific, we will also ensure recreation and leisure, while being age and gender inclusive.  I want to take down all barriers which can hinder a persons physical and mental wellbeing”

Craig will be presenting a draft of the law at the Youth Forum which is taking place December 18, 2021 in Dauphin, Treaty 2 Territory.   This will be followed by an exciting night at Credit Union Place for Hockey Night in Treaty 2, where the Dauphin Kings host the Selkirk Steelers.


Last modified: October 22, 2021

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