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Peacemaking is More Than Justice, It’s Our Legal System

November 2, 2021

Treaty 2 Territory- On October 27, 2021, the Peacemaking Keeper met with the Knowledge Council and expressed that Peacemaking is more than a criminal justice system, but a legal system.


As First Nations in the Treaty 2 Territory (FNT2T) assert sovereignty and create their own laws, it is important to have a Peacemaking legal system that will administer and recognize these laws such as Child Family Nation, Care and Protection of the Natural World, Health, Education, Sports and Recreation, and Local Nation Protection. Peacemaking will be used to ensure all these laws are recognized and enforced as the provincial courts have failed to do so. In addition, the Moccasin Trail News Special Edition on Peacemaking was provided the Knowledge Keepers for detailed information on the Seven Circles of Peacemaking, which includes the Loon and Crane Circles (courts).

The Peacemaking Keeper expressed to the Knowledge Council the having a legal system in the territory will ensure that laws are recognized and enforced. The Loon and Crane Circles of Peacemaking will eventually replace Manitoba Court of Queen’s Bench and the Appeals Court in the Treaty 2 Territory. The Loon and Crane Circles, which is written in the Peacemaking Law, will recognize the territorial laws and the bylaws of each Local Nation. Currently, Manitoba Courts don’t recognize bylaws that are passed through Band Council Resolutions, and this continues to have a negative impact on handling drug dealing and gangs in the Local Nations.

Peacemaking’s administration, which includes Peacemakers and Peacekeepers, will ensure that the laws are enforced but also providing healing to the local nation members who are involved in Peacemaking.

To better explain the Seven Circles of Peacemaking, the Lead Peacemaker provided the Moccasin Trail News Special Edition on Peacemaking for additional detailed information. The special edition explains the need to replace the Manitoba Justice system, the work done on Peacemaking in the past year, and detailed information on the Seven Circles of Peacemaking. The Special Edition was completed to provide transparency and information for Local Nation Members. The work done to date is provided by seasons, and through an Anishinaabe perspective. The Moccasin Trail News Special Edition is available on FNT2T website as well as the FNT2T social media.

To view the “Peacemaking” special edition of Moccasin Trails, click on this link >>>

Chantell Barker
Getchi Nodin Ikwe

Last modified: November 2, 2021

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