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Update from Children, Families, and Nation

November 4, 2021

Update from Children, Families and Nation

November 3, 2021


The  Mino Ombigii’aa Law, Law of the Children is currently in its seventh draft and will be submitted for review and consideration to the women’s council and knowledge council of FNT2T. It contains 10 parts, including:

  • Inherent rights of the Anishinaabe child;
  • Promotion of wellness (which replaces the colonial notion of prevention);
  • Mino Ombigii’aa (which replaces the colonial notion of ‘best interests’);
  • Intervention (which replaces the colonial notion of apprehension);
  • Private Guardianship (to permit prospective guardians to formally apply for legal guardianship of a child, or for anyone, including grandparents, to apply for access to a child);
  • Confidentiality requirements;
  • Rules of evidence at the Loon and Crane Circle tribunals;
  • Critical incident reporting;
  • jurisdiction; and
  • administration.


The Child, Families and Nation team of Treaty # 2 has completed a majority of the in-person Nation engagement sessions.  Small focus groups have been arranged for November and December with a youth forum to be held on December 18th in Dauphin, Manitoba.


The workplan for the CFN team has undergone some changes for this quarter with a third and fourth phase being added.  This was presented as part of the additions to the law In late October 2021. 


The CFN team continues to work on advocacy for children and parents that are involved in the current system. Much planning is required in this area, including wellness services which go hand in hand with family preservation These are pivotal steps to advancing change for our Nations in Treaty 2 Territory.


Lois Stoll, CFN Operations Keeper, John Miswagon, Policy Keeper, Dakota Marsden, CFN Admin.

Last modified: November 4, 2021

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