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Every Child Matters at all times; while at the hockey rink too

November 9, 2021

Treaty 2 Territory – During a recent AA Atom hockey game in Dauphin this past weekend vs Swan Valley, Dauphin Kings young Anishinaabe posed for a picture with Chief Cameron Catcheway, Niigaanii Peacemaking and Boh Kubrakovich, Lead Keeper of the Govt of Treaty 2 Territory.  Taking time out for a chat and picture is Jace Paterson (son of Jaime and Wade), Kingston Catcheway ( son of Brittany and Adam) and JJ Sutherland (son of Ryan).
Today is special to acknowledge the three Anishinaabe players who hale from the Nations within the territory.
“We are promoting a safe environment for our children and must do so as adults responsible for teaching them a positive path in life”’ said Chief Catcheway.
Today there is no room for racism and discrimination.  The picture to the left, was captured by their coaches, who also believe in the quality of the player and the absolute truth that all players should be treated with full respect.
“I believe it’s been a tough quest in sport for our young Anishinaabe/Kinistino players today. We talk about reconciliACTION but really it starts at home and it’s where children must be taught respect for other.” said Boh Kubrakovich who had and has a daughter in high level sports and hockey. Boh’s daughter is currently at Notre Dame for Hockey, Basketball and Baseball.
The Government of Treaty 2 Territory is working toward balance and knocking down and out racism in sport.
Submitted By: Marlene Davis, Communications Keeper

Last modified: November 9, 2021

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