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Government of First Nations in Treaty 2 Territory meet with Pinaymootang Leadership

November 25, 2021

Treaty 2 Territory – On November 17, 2021,  our Government of First Nations in Treaty 2 Territory met with Pinaymootang First Nation’s newly elected leadership. Allen Sutherland, Earth Lodge Keeper provided an update on previous, current, and future programs/courses in-regards to governance, land-based learning, language, and well-being.

Circle Keeper’s Chantell Barker (Peacemaking) and Lois Stoll (Children, Families and Nation) added brief updates of the laws and what the circle roles and processes are.

Pinaymootang First Nation Chief and Council highlighted that the Youth, Citizenship, and Language are very important, and work needs to be furthered in these areas.




Boh Kubrakovich, our Lead Keeper presented the Treaty 2 Circle and Council updates. The Onankonehkawinan (Laws) were a major portion of the discussions.

A beaded Treaty 2 medallion was presented to Chief Kurvis Anderson and Councilor Darlene Letandre. Treaty 2 medals were presented to Councilor’s John Sanderson and Clay Sinclair. Pinaymootang Chief and Council are looking forwarding to working with Treaty 2 and further meetings are being proposed regarding frameworks and governing structures, as well as an opportunity to meet with the Nation so that the members can ask questions and make comments.



Lois Stoll, CFN Operations Keeper John Miswagon, CFN Policy Keeper, Reg Nepinak, CFN Policy Keeper,          Dakota Marsden, CFN Admin Helper

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