Nation-Based Sovereign-Based Government

Treaty 2 Government of FNT2T and Little Saskatchewan First Nation meet to discuss Onankonehkawinin

November 25, 2021

Treaty 2 Territory – November 19th, 2021 was an extremely busy day for our Anishinaabe Agowidiiwinan  – Treaty 2 / Government of FNT2T as we sat with Dauphin River First Nation Leadership to discuss our Peacemaking Onankonehkawinin (Peacemaking Law) and Mino Ombigii’aa Onankonehkawinin (Children, Families and Nation Law) and the most recent resolutions and laws recently passed with the Governing Council.
It is always an honour to meet with our Nations to share dialogue on Law, and Nation Development. Restoring Inherent Rights and giving a voice back to the people, it what our Ancestors would want. Going back to the old ways that worked for our people prior to Colonization and the Indian Act and their system.
Submitted By: Marlene Davis, Communications Keeper

Last modified: November 25, 2021

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