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Government of FNT2T attends Mineral Convention with message that Onankonehkawin Ratified and will be enforced to Protect Mother Earth

November 26, 2021

Treaty 2 Territory – Yesterday, Ogema David LeDoux , Gambler Anishinaabe along with Lead Keeper, Boh Kubrakovich and Internal/External Keeper, Scott Lynxleg attend the  Central Canada Mineral Exploration Convention (CCMEC ) to mingle with the industry who has been taking the minerals from the Treaty 2 Territory for many years without compensation. FNT2T attended to send a message. The Onankonehkawin was ratified by the Governing Council last week along with the Peacemaking and AKI Onankonehkawinin. Two laws that will be peacefully enforced in the territory for the protection of Mother Earth. FNT2T is not against business development that will not harm Mother Earth and destruct the waters and resources.
“We believe in business and next steps of prosperity something our ancestors beloved in when making the treaty. They didn’t think after 150 we would have our land taken, put in pink boxes and have our children’s future stolen, said Ogichidaa Eastman while supporting FNT2T to attend and deliver a message to the premier of Manitoba.
“We present you with a gift; a beaded medallion and flag so that you and Manitoba honour our MMIWGT and our children today. We also offer you tobacco to come consult with us around our sacred fire so we can explain to you our sacred laws and our modern recently passed laws giving you and your colleagues notice that our laws are in full flight within our Anishinaabe territory for all citizens to abide by.”
Moving forward the Peacemaking Bundle within the structure of Onankonehkawin will be looking after the peacemaking, peacekeeping and guardians. The Care and Protection of the Natural World Circle will be looking after the newly launched AKI Onankonehkawinin to assist with the protection of Mother Earth effective immediately. It will take some time to implement however all laws are in effect immediately.
Submitted By: Marlene Davis, Communications Keeper

Last modified: November 26, 2021

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