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Treaty 2 Knowledge Council Meets to Discuss Governance & Onankonehkawinin

December 8, 2021

Treaty 2 Territory – Today in the beautiful Nation of Pinaymootang, our Knowledge Council came together for their monthly Council Meeting. While some council members joined online, the agenda visited a number of items including some of the important issues for our Nations, territory and government.
Many of the resolutions that were passed by the Governing Council went through the Knowledge Council for discussion and support. The Knowledge Council focuses on the four core bundles: Legislative, Executive Processes and Support, Earth Lodge and Peacemaking. The Knowledge Council expresses their ongoing support on governance and law making while also supporting the work at Earth Lodge through the accreditation process.
Knowledge Council Chair, Louie Malcolm made his report on the selection of the Ogiichidaa. He shared his appreciation and thanks the Ogemaag for their continued drive for a solid Anishinaabe government and the passing of the most recent laws through resolution. He honoured newly elected, Ogiichidaa Cornell McLean and talked about the unity that was discussed yesterday.
Additional agenda items included:
• Legislative (Councils / Treasury & Trust)
• Executive – (Administration / Intergovernmental)
• Earth Lodge
• Peacemaking Onankonehkawinin
• Mino Ombigii’aa Onankonehkawinin (Children, Families and Nation)
As in every meeting with our Knowledge Council, the Keepers of each of our 7 Circles provided updates respective to the on going progress being made.

With great importance, Knowledge Keeper, and Care and Protection of the Natural World Council member, Dwayne Blackbird discussed the Chronic Wasting Disease concerns on the West Side of Riding Mountain Park.The Knowledge Council members have expressed their appreciation and commend the work that is happening within the Treaty 2 Territory Government. They are excited to see the the discussions about governance being taken into the local nations so that Nations members can ask questions and get involved with the discussions on governance and structure.






Our FNT2T Keepers, and Helpers would like to thank our Knowledge Keepers for their ongoing interest, support, and dedication to our Government. Their input and guidance is always so important, and valued beyond measurement.


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Marlene Davis, Communications Keeper


Last modified: December 8, 2021

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