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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Anishinaabe Agowidiiwinan – Treaty 2 Government Responds to Announcement on Compensation and with respect to Long-Term Reform Related to Child and Family Services and Jordan’s Principle

January 11, 2022


Treaty 2 Territory – January 11, 2022

Boozhoo Ogichi-Aayaa’aag, Ikewaag, Ininiwaag, Oshki-aayaag Akina Gaÿ Abinoonjiwaag.

While the announcement of 40 billion dollars was welcomed by Anishinaabe Nation of the Treaty 2 Territory and Nations across Turtle Island, there still remains a few concerns about protecting the interest of our children.

We stand with other Nations in Turtle Island that have questions and would like to see them noted:

  • Is there going to be changed behavior from the governments, with long term reform throughout the years, “as long as the grass is green and the water flows”?
  • Need to heal from the inter-generational trauma and genocide that affected our people; How many live the traditional lifestyle? Will they have the proper supports in place to prevent homelessness, addiction, neglect, and lives lost to suicide?
  • Many Youth were released wards of their respective provinces without proper understanding (living skills) and job training of how to survive away from child welfare systems that were put in place.
  • Fund Nations that require inherent and ancestral ways of law-making and healing throughout this process; this inherent jurisdiction was given to us by the Creator.
  • What sort of supports will be available for those children/youth “aging out of the system?” We have certainly collected some of this data, with further engagement necessary in a short time frame in our treaty area.
  • Will our Treaty 2 Government have input into the formula or funding approach? As you may be aware, the Province of Manitoba has well over 11,000 Indigenous children in care with very little repatriation planning dollars. Our Nations and Youth feel that there is not enough infrastructure to accommodate their needs as is, and that travel to other areas to support healing, support services, and recreation etc., are not enough.
  • There are many Children/Youth in care from Treaty 2 Territory that are living in off reserve caregiver homes, treatment centres, and in independent living situations. We believe they should be considered as part of the “On-reserve child welfare system funding” and claimants of the 20 billion.


“These priority areas are steps that the Government of Canada must take to be instrumental in wellness”, said Ogichidaa Cornell McLean. Everything that has happened is very hurtful – as we move through the collective grief, we want to see actionable change. Our ways of relating to each other will empower us to feel and heal our way through to begin healing as a Nation, Giinawind (Us-Together).


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