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Treaty 2 Governance Keeper Merv Sinclair shares his Passion for Snowmobile Racing

January 19, 2022

Treaty 2 Territory – Aniin Neechi Anishinabba. Niin, Merv Sinclair of Obushkudayang Anishinaabe Nation (Lake St. Martin First Nation). I began my role as Governance Keeper  with the Government of First FNT2T in the fall of 2021. Since coming on board to this great team of Keepers, and Helpers, I haven’t yet had the opportunity to say “thank you to them” for their camaraderie.  Our team remains steadfast and committed to members in our territory as we engage with our Nations in the development of our own ANISHNIIAABE GOVERNMENT OF TREATY 2 TERRITORY.


While not at work, and on weekends and holidays, I invest my passion as our family has a snowmobile racing team (ski-doos we refer them too as it is easier lol) on Turtle Island. It’s a family thing and we get to meet other Anishinaabe fellow racers as well. Recently, we had a opportunity to finish first place in “King of The Snow” category in the open class.  I have shared some photos/videos of our participation at events. Our family is the proud owners of “The Grinch” (it’s an outlaw sled).

You can view a quick video by clicking on this link:

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To view more videos on The Grinch Sled, just go to YouTube and search for The Grinch Snowmobile (not the other Grinch) lol.

Also, be sure to save the date, and come out to Lake St. Martin First Nation for our SNOW DRAGS on February 26th & 27th. Over $65,000 in Prize Payouts!!

Stay safe. Meegwetch for reading.

 Submitted By: Merv Sinclair, Governance Keeper 

Last modified: January 19, 2022

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