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Peacemaking Hits the Ground Running in 2022!

January 21, 2022

Treaty 2 Territory- As 2021 wrapped up on a positive note with a meeting with Justice Minister Lametti on December 3rd, Peacemaking is confident in the direction moving forward. As 2022 begins, the Peacemaking team has already submitted their workplan and budget for 2022-2023 and began dialogue on the Indigenous Justice Strategy. Discussions and planning have begun on Local Nation engagements as well as capacity building. Meetings with Justice Canada’s Law Centre have resumed including working together to complete the Indigenous Justice Agreement. In addition, Peacemaking is growing and excited to announce new team member Danielle McGurry.

In the past year, the Peacemaking team had been working on the Peacemaking Framework and Onankonehkawin (law) for FNT2T. The Peacemaking Framework and Onankonehkawin was presented to Justice Minister at the meeting. The Peacemaking Keeper provided a PowerPoint presentation on the Framework and summarized the Onankonehkawin. The Minister expressed his appreciation for the presentation and the work that FNT2T Government has completed to date. Justice Minister Lametti requested a follow up meeting with the FNT2T Government and leadership and asked for that it be in the Treaty 2 Territory.

The Peacemaking team has already submitted the 2022-2023 workplan and budget. The workplan includes Local Nation engagements, as well as virtual engagements for those who cannot attend the Local Nation engagements. The virtual engagements will be asset to those members who do not reside in the Local Nations. Peacemaking understands the importance of having grassroot people involved in Peacemaking and its implementation. The other priority item on the workplan is capacity building. Peacemaking is working with the Earth Lodge to create training for future Peacemakers and Peacekeepers. This includes keepers and helpers who will work in one of the Seven Circles of Peacemaking.

The FNT2T Executive along with the Peacemaking team have resumed talks with Justice Canada’s Law Centre. The Law Centre provides background information on the Indigenous Justice Strategy and Indigenous Justice Agreements. They support Peacemaking and they provide recommendations on developing successful Indigenous Justice agreements. Peacemaking have already began drafting the Indigenous Justice Agreement with a goal of having it completed by March 2022.

Peacemaking is expanding this year and will be adding new positions in the upcoming year. This includes Keepers and Helpers for the Seven Circles of Peacemaking. The team is excited to announce that Danielle McGurry, who is a member of Pinaymootang First Nation, has joined the team as the Peacemaking Administrative Helper. Ms. McGurry’s experience and background will be a tremendous asset in completing the 2022 workplan.

In conclusion, Peacemaking is energized and motived to complete the outcomes expected in 2022. This includes attending Local Nations and engaging with the grassroot people; finalizing and implementing the training; and at last, announcing the Indigenous Justice Agreement with Canada.

Last modified: January 25, 2022

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