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Treaty 2 partnering with Manitoba Aboriginal Sports & Rec Council to deliver hockey equipment to Nations

January 26, 2022

Treaty 2 Territory – FNT2T Sports and Recreation Circle has been quite busy for the past couple of months. 2021 wrapped up with our Winter Youth Forum in conjunction with Hockey Night in Treaty 2 Territory. Throughout January, things have only gotten busier.

In addition to working on the Sports and Recreation Law, Keeper Craig Beaulieu is also currently planning the 1st Annual Treaty 2 Minor Hockey scheduled for April 14-17, 2022 in Dauphin.

In an effort to increase opportunity for our children and youth, Treaty 2 Sports and Rec have reached out to partner with MASRC (Manitoba Aboriginal Sports & Rec Council. Over the past couple of weeks, dozens of  Hockey Equipment Bags full of equipment was delivered to Nations within the Treaty 2 Territory.  To date, Mineogoziibe (Pine Creek), Giizhiigowenin (Keeseekoowenin), and Aniimooziibiing (Lake Manitoba) Nations have received equipment.

We know that dressing for, and playing the sport of hockey can be extremely costly for families.  Now more than over, due to the rising costs of inflation, we know many children and youth go without the opportunity to play hockey as their family simply can’t afford it.

Lacing up skates and getting out on to the ices comes with more benefits that fun to be had; it promotes physically activity with our young people. Getting off the game systems, and being active helps to prevent chronic diseases such as Diabetes. Getting together in the cool air, and skating is also good for one’s mental health; something so many people are struggling with today due to the pandemic.

Furthermore, when young people are granted opportunities like this, it keeps them busy and allows them to be involved in and engaged in positive activities, thus preventing them from becoming involved in unhealthy activities.

Hockey is only one of the many sports that our Sports and Rec Circle will be promoting. Other sports including Broomball, Basketball, Volleyball, Baseball, Track & Field along with others will be part of our growing Circle.

In addition to Sports, we realize the value of other cocurricular interests such as Art, and Music. These areas will also grow with our Circle when time and funding allows.

We would like to thank the Manitoba Sports and Rec Council for their willingness to partner, and for their generosity in ensuring children and youth benefited from the great work they do. We look forward to continuous partnership with MASRC, and their incredible team.

For more information on our Sports and Rec Circle, and it’s initiatives, you can reach Craig, our Sports and Recreation Keeper at

Miigwech to Craig for his ongoing commitment to the youth and Nations that he’s traveled to, and for putting his best foot forward for them so they can live Mino-Bimaadiziwin.


Miigwech Giigindaman! Thank you for reading.

Stay well.

Submitted By: Marlene Davis, Communications Keeper

Last modified: January 26, 2022

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