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Busy week with Sports and Recreation!

January 28, 2022

Treaty 2 Territory – It has been a busy week, just the way I like it.  It started with making more connections with Manitoba Aboriginal Sports and Recreation Council (MASRC) to ensure that the communities we both serve needs are being met.  This is just the tip of the iceberg!  I feel this new relationship between our government and MASRC is only going to grow and flourish.

(Craig Beaulieu and Harley Chartrand, councilor from Minegoziibe)

With the generosity and willingness to help from MASRC I was able to deliver hockey equipment and snow shoes to Minegoziibe, Aniimooziibiing, Giizhiigowenin, and Skownan in the last couple of weeks.   I am hoping to connect with our nations in the eastern part of our Territory next week with more hockey equipment.

(Craig Beaulieu with Cadena Brazeau (Giizhiigowenin) and Geoff Edwards (Aniimooziibiing))

During my travels, I was able to see some backroads of our territory, and was reminded of its beauty and wonder.  I saw a lot of wildlife, and presented Asimaa to our relatives in the bush.  I’m so grateful for the opportunities I am presented when being able to meet with our youth and our people in their communities.

(Craig Beaulieu and Jimmy Chartrand, councilor for Skownan)

I had an awesome little visit with Jimmy Chartrand in Skownan, and he showed me their ODR (outdoor rink).  I waited for about an hour for the busy guy lol I should have brought my skates, and clapped a few.  He showed me their warming hut, which was equipped with heat, DVD player with TV.  Basically a small community centre, I love it, I love seeing our nations doing great things for our future leaders.

(30 year old Zambobi which is still in working order at Skownan ODR)

As I look forward to the coming months and more nation engagement, I again have to honour our Kitchi-Manitou for the people and youth I have met, and continue to meet.   The next few months will be busy, but good.  We have the Treaty 2 Territory Minor Hockey Championship in April, the U19 Hockey Championship, Rec Hockey Championship, and the Summer Games.  Stay tuned for the announcements on those.

We have A LOT in the coming months, not just hockey, please be patient as we are setting our foundations with hockey and will be expanding to more sports, recreation, arts, and land based/leisure!  The sky is the limit my people, SO LETS GET IT!  We all deserve Miino-Biimaadiziiwin.


Craig Beaulieu

Sports & Recreation Keeper


Last modified: January 28, 2022

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