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Moving Forward with Children, Families and Nation

March 1, 2022

Treaty 2 Territory – FNT2t Children, Families and Nation have been working hard in the new year with the development the Mino Ombigii’aa Law, networking and hire of new staff.


Children, Families and Nation (CFN) team and FNT2T staff would like to welcome Joanne Tanner and Tanya Edwards-Mousseau to the team. They both bring to the team great skills and knowledge and will assist in furthering the work of the CFN team.

Joanne Tanner, Policy KeeperTanya Edwards,-Mousseau, Policy Keeper


Highlights and Ongoing work of the CFN team;

    • Draft 8 of the Mino Ombigii’aa Law, Law of the Children. Additions include kinship care, wellness programs, living skills, enhanced advocacy for child and parents, and Anishinaabe translation to two sections.
    • A draft was completed of the CFN Implementation plan which incorporated the workplan and the phased in approach, with seamless transitional planning. The key activities will be broken out over a period of time as feedback becomes more relevant.
    • Open discussion with ACFS and WRCFS in the Treaty 2 region which assisted in determining common goals, best practices, and where we can be of support in strengthening our families.
    • Draft Terms of Reference for the CFN and working group regarding maintaining our knowledge, standards, conflict of interest, support networks, and focuses on inspiring and leading change as a response to oppressive practice and imposed solutions on families, of the past. Being mindful and working together as one!
    • A briefing note has been written and a follow up meeting is being planned regarding the data management for CFN. There is a sub-circle which will follow up on this activity and report back to lead keepers and CFN.
    • Grandmother’s circle and roles have been identified and CFN will be a part of this process regarding support networks, care of children, ties to the land, lineage, and language.
    • CFN team and ACFS met on Pink Shirt Day, successfully supporting the campaign while having valuable discussions.







We would like to end with a very valuable quote from the late

Nitamabit/Nii Gaani Aki Inini (Elder Dave Courchene)

“Kizhayotiziwin~ to live be a living way of kindness derived from Kizhay Manitou.”




Children, Families and Nation team;

Lois Stoll, Engagement and Research Helper

John Muswagon, Policy Keeper

Reg Nepinak, Policy Keeper

Joanne Tanner, Policy Keeper

Tanya Edwards-Mousseau, Policy Keeper

Kennedy Anderson, Administration Helper

Last modified: March 2, 2022

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