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CPNWC Staff Meets With Riding Mountain Forum Wildlife Council at Keesee Sharing Lodge:

March 1, 2022

Treaty 2 Territory – February 25, 2022

Staff of CPNWC (Care and Protection of the Natural World Circle) accepted the invitation to join the Riding Mountain Forum Wildlife Council and attended our first meeting. The council included representation from Ebb and Flow, Keeseekoowenin, Sandy Bay, Rolling River, Gambler, Tootsinaowaziibeeng, Waywayseecappo and Parks Canada.

Topics discussed ranged from Chronic Wasting Disease – and how to mitigate it’s further progression west from the Saskatchewan Border. The Forum and CPNW agreed to explore the development of its own strategy.

CPNWC Keeper (Ron Missyabit) gave a presentation to the forum outlining Treaty 2’s position on CWD and the current state of communication and consultation with Manitoba. There are currently 4 lawsuits against the province against the current administration, which should give an indication of the current government’s own thoughts on their consultation and accommodation efforts.
We discussed management of the Bison within the Park and a proposed expansion of the herd and their enclosure. We also discussed the possibility of managing a lose herd that will help with forest management.

Invasive Species are a topic discussed around tables of concerned people throughout T2 Territory. We talked about efforts to keep Zebra Mussels out of the lakes in the park. A strategy to address the management of the invasive Small Mouth Bass Species which could grow out of control without proper management. Another species that threatens the integrity of the resources in and around the park is the wild boar. These animals are growing in number in Manitoba. So far, they seem inclined to stay within agricultural areas – but a study is currently underway to monitor and manage points of access that are likely to attract them.

The Aki Guardian programs was referenced by CPNW staff and provided an outline to the participants. Thoughts of RMNP offering workplace opportunities for students was also suggested and was met with positive responses.

The Forum and CPNWC agreed to formalize a relationship going forward to collaborate on matters of mutual concern. We look forward to further meetings that further enhance, conserve and protect the natural resources within our territory.


Submitted by:  Shawn Gurke, CPNW Helper & GIS/Mapping Specialist

Last modified: March 1, 2022

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