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March 18, 2022


The primary purpose of the Circles Keeper of the First Nations in Treaty 2 Territory (FNT2T) is to organize, oversee and manage the operations of Circles. This position assists our Anishinaabek territory to be well-coordinated and productive by managing and interpretation of our Onankonehkawinins.

The area of responsibility for this role is very wide and requires thorough knowledge of the Anishinaabe Agowidiiwinan, Anishinaabemowin, and traditional balanced – Mino-aani-gidoowin governance. Key competencies of the Circles Keeper will be to promote the integrity of FNT2T, safeguard and augment the efficiency of the operations segment under the Executive bubdle and to facilitate intended outcomes in all our Circles connecting to IPS’s.


The Circle Keeper, reports directly to the Executive Circle and will work closely with no our Niigaaniis and all levels of our government. The workload is driven by a workplan, implementation plan and monthly reporting.  Each area of the Circles will report and an overall report is required.  Blogging and Storytelling is very vital in this role within our government along with the weekly reporting on MTNLIVE.


The following tasks as assigned are:

  • Ensuring all operations are carried on in an optimistic, appropriate, cost-effective, and safe way;
  • Oversee all operational systems, processes safe and best practices;
  • Senior Keeper role within the administration, and actively engages in weekly meetings with other senior staff;
  • Chair meetings with current Circle Keepers to plan and strategize to meet intended outcomes in each Circle area;
  • Work with the Treasury and Administration to strategize and keep digital records with the human resource aspect of operations;
  • Supporting the FNT2T processes remain legally compliant through policies and procedures;
  • High performance creativity with balanced effective processes;
  • Material and inventory management, oversee efficiency;
  • Manage projects effectively within Circle Law Development and Implementation;
  • Formulate strategic and operational planning and timeline management;
  • Manage budgets and forecasts with the Finance/Policy;
  • Establishes, organizes, coordinates, and facilitates all Relations within operations;
  • Identifies community development and materials used to support the Local Nations;
  • Assist in the creation of educational material relating to Inherent and Treaty Rights and Relationships for future presentations;
  • Promote awareness and presentations on the history of Treaty 2 and FNT2T to towns, rural municipalities, and schools within the territory;
  • Protection of communication including intellectual property;
  • Work with the Regional Office Keepers and Helpers to assure all tasks and objectives under the Circles are fulfilled from the regional office level; and
  • Blogging, storytelling, meeting reports daily with communication using the websites as a tool;
  • Fill in supporting role for Circles that may not have a Keeper at the present time;
  • And any other duty that will enhance governance of the Government of FNT2T.


The Circles Keeper must possess the following skills and attributes:

  • A post-secondary degree or diploma and/or experience in communications, project management, Indigenous History, program management and/or development;
  • Knowledge of current events, political factors and issues, Nation Rebuild;
  • High performance analytical skills, as well as a demonstrated ability to express ideas, negotiate and communicate effectively; and the ability to analyze critically and suggest an appropriate means of action;
  • Proven exceptional verbal and written communication skills;
  • Excellent interpersonal communication skills and ability to maintain a team player mindset to effectively interact with elected officials, staff, media, service providers, and government agencies;
  • Highly motivated and ability to work in demanding and fast‐paced work environment;
  • Exceptional organizational and time‐management skills and ability to prioritize multiple tasks to meet strict deadlines;
  • Self‐motivated and demonstrated leadership capabilities
  • Ability to blog, story tell and report on meetings and gathering;
  • Knowledge of Anishinaabe language and understanding of culture and tradition an asset;
  • Valid Class 5 driver’s licence and own vehicle; and
  • Maintain confidentiality with a high level of accuracy regarding information.



Please Apply by Monday, March 21, 2022 (Email Cover Letter & CV/Resume):

Anishinaabe Agowidiiwinan—Treaty 2

Box 200 Kakakwekejeong Anishinaabe Nation – Email:

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