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Treaty 2 Territory – Anishinaabek Nation stands with Krystal Mousseau’s Children & Family and demands accountability from Manitoba’s Premier

March 18, 2022


From the OFFICE OF The Governing Council and Ogichidaa of Treaty 2 Territory

March 18, 2022

Treaty 2 Territory – The Treaty 2 Territory Ogimaag want to extend our heart-felt support to the Abinoonjiwaag of Krystal Mousseau and Michael Racette. “Gii-Zhaawenimigoom” – (You are loved by us all).

Our Ogimaag have a strong insistence to improve systems and govern ourselves to protect the quality of life for our Anishinaabe Abinoonjiiwag and Anishinaabe Citizens.

While we understand that accountability to answer any questions related to poor and substandard health service delivery is a question that may be easily dodged in some circumstances. However, this is not the case, not this time. What has happened is tragic and should be taken seriously, especially when it comes to the sacredness of life.

“I want to remind the Premier of Manitoba that the Mousseau Family has suffered a loss and that choosing to celebrate your child’s achievement during a critical time has sent the wrong message”, said Ogichidaa Cornell McLean.



The Ogimaag are calling on Indigenous Services Canada and Manitoba Health to come to the table to address racism and jurisdiction over Anishinaabek Health Services in Treaty 2 Territory and its citizens.

The Mino-Bimaadiziiwin Onankonehkwinan is the health and wellbeing law of the Anishinaabek Nation. And one of our guiding principles under our Anishinaabe framework is Respect, which encompasses respect for all life across the health delivery system.

The “voice” and lives of Anishinaabeiwkeg matters. Not only are they the champions in the dismantling of colonial structures and policies. But their ancestral guidance and political direction that they provide to the Nation keeps this level of respect intact –and it is a way of governing that mainstream politics could learn and largely benefit from.

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