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Minegozibee’s Shaylene Chartrand advances to final round of Indigenous Top Model Competition

March 28, 2022

Treaty 2 Territory – The 2022 Indigenous Top Model Competition’s Top 20 will feature an Anishinaabe Youth Ikwe from right here in our Treaty 2 Territory!
Sixteen year old Shaylene Chartrand is a member of the Minegozibee Anishinabe (Pine Creek First Nation). She is a participant in the 2022 Indigenous Top Model Competition and has advanced to the final round.
A young, beautiful Ikwe living in Dauphin, Shaylene is grounded in her culture and has performed recently at a couple of our Treaty 2 Territory events. She is an avid jigger, square dancer and a performer with the world famous Asham Stompers and the multi-award winning
D-Town Steppers.
Shaylene will be travelling to Treaty 6 Territory (the Alexander First Nation) in Alberta on May 21st to compete in the Top 20 competition which will see the top 3 chosen to walk the runway at New York City Fashion Week in September while wearing Tishynah Buffalo Designs
Shaylene’s journey began when her mom Kristy Chartrand suggested she send in some pictures to the application process and out of the more than 100 entries from across Canada and the US, she reached the Top 40.
Once in the Top 40, she was able to send in a short video about herself and a model walk video to enter for the Top 20 which she was successful at reaching.
Now that she’s in the Top 20, and with the support of Minegozibee Anishinabe Nation (who raised money for her to make the trip to Alberta for the final in May) she is eager to try and earn that spot in NYC Fashion Week.
YOU CAN HELP SHAYLENE win BONUS points! Shaylene can earn extra bonus points towards her bid for a top 3 spot by being the model to sell the most tickets to the event ahead of time. The tickets are on sale and you can purchase them while listing Shaylene Chartrand as the model who referred you. All tickets purchased will count towards her bonus points even if you can’t attend the event.
You can purchase tickets & support Shaylene by clicking on this link:

Contributed By: Marlene Davis, Nation and Economic Development Helper

Last modified: March 28, 2022

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