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The Anishinaabek of Treaty 2 Territory responds to the announcement on the closure of Agassiz Youth Centre

March 28, 2022

Treaty 2 Territory – The Anishinaabek of Treaty 2 Territory welcomes the closure of the Agassiz Youth Centre. First Nations in Treaty 2 Territory calls on all levels of government to support the FNT2T Peacemaking System that is based in balance, peace, and harmony (Mino-Bimaadiziwin).

Canada’s changes to the Youth Criminal Justice Act have resulted in a decline of youth in detention centres and supports restorative justice initiatives.

The detention of youth in the Manitoba Youth Centre has not achieved positive results for either youth or the Local Nations in Treaty 2 Territory. The Local Nations in Treaty 2 Territory have not been provided with resources for crime prevention, little or no programming to prevent reoffending, and rarely been consulted regarding reintegration. This lack of support for the safety and protection of our Anishinaabek has resulted in escalating drug and gang problems that continue to plague our Local Nations.

The Anishinaabek recognize and support the need for Nation based Anishinaabe approaches to correct negative behaviours. True and effective restorative justice is a community-based response to offending behavior. It encourages young persons to acknowledge and repair the harm caused to the victim and the community, encourages families and the community to become involved in bringing balance, and provides an opportunity for victims to participate in the rehabilitation of offending youth.

“The Youth Centre did not provide wellness and wellbeing for youth and you clearly know they were designed for our members, which is a clear violation of our Treaty agreement. Time to go back to the day before treaty and begin a solid wellness/wellbeing process for our youth and members directly for our Anishinaabek and territory”- Ogichidaa Cornell McLean.


The Anishinaabek of Treaty 2 Territory have created a Peacemaking System to address negative behaviours. Peacemaking focuses on healing youth rather then punishment and uses restorative peacemaking approaches. Restorative Peacemaking includes wellness assessments and healing plans and provides community-based interventions that focus on restoring balance, peace, and harmony (Mino-Bimaadiziwin).

Our Peacemaking has created structure, laws, and processes to work with the youth. The Treaty 2 Territory Government calls on other governments to work with our Peacemaking System and provide the resources needed to restore Mino-Bimaadiziwin in the Nation.

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Contributed by:  Chantell Barker, Peacemaking Keeper

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