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FNT2T Executive Circle Strategic Planning 2022

April 1, 2022

Treaty 2 Territory – The Executive Circle gathered for a 3-day strategic planning session to begin the implementation of our Anishinaabe Law. As a Government our Keepers & Helpers have done a fantastic job in the planning and development of the Circles, under our Governance Bundles, with the guidance of members of the territory through our Councils and Engagement sessions. Lead Keeper Boh Kubrakovich shared “The time is now to begin implementing…” our laws which allows us to govern ourselves as a sovereign Anishinaabek Nation. “We will continue to make Canada accountable on the unfinished Treaty-business” – Boh Kubrakovich.

Our laws are sacred through the Anishinaabe Clan system. As Anishinaabek, we’ve governed ourselves for thousands of years through these systems. Anishinaabe Laws were provided to us by the Creator. We have a responsibility and principles to live by. For the last 150 years, Canada and its policies have interfered with our lives as Anishinaabek. It is through our Governance Bundles, where we will implement our Anishinaabe Law. “Our Treaty 2 Government is continuing the work of our ancestors who were present at the time of the making of the Treaty in 1871. Our work is very sacred. We continue honour the ceremonies, law making process, and Nation-to-Nation relations with our Treaty Government. There are no PTOs such as the Assembly of Manitoba Chiefs, Southern Chiefs Organizations, and even the Assembly of First Nations that could claim as “Governing” bodies. They are simply organizations, which provide support to Nations and the Programs & Services of those Nations. The PTOs were not around at the time of Treaty making. Our sacred work will be protected moving forward, as our ancestors protected our Inherent and Sovereign rights during the making of Treaty!” – Ray Mousseau, Administration Keeper.

The strategic planning session concluded with a powerful presentation by Ogichidaa and Senator Sol Sanderson. Sol Sanderson has been presenting and sharing on the Inherent and Sovereign rights as Indigenous people all his life. We were reminded as a Government to plan our 500 year calendar as an Anishinaabe Nation. Our people have always planned for 500 years. “Your Government is way ahead in leading our Treaty Nations with your inherent and sovereign rights” – Sol Sanderson. Our Treaty 2 Government would like to say Gichi Miigwech Sol for his guidance and recognition of the sacred work done by our Governance Bundles.

The Government of First Nations in Treaty 2 Territory will be preparing the implementation plan to present to the Governing Council (Ogimaag) as we begin new fiscal year. Gichi Miigwech to all our Keepers & Helpers for the excellent and sacred work we do for our Nation!

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FNT2T Executive Circle, 2022



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