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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Anishinaabe Agowidiiwinan – Treaty 2 Government Ogimaag Calling for Lateral Kindness – Minor Hockey Tournament Postponed due to Weather

April 13, 2022


Anishinaabe Agowidiiwinan – Treaty 2 Government Ogimaag

Calling for Lateral Kindness

Minor Hockey Tournament Postponed due to Weather


Treaty 2 Territory – April 13, 2022

Boozhoo Ogichi-Aayaa’aag, Ikewaag, Ininiwaag, Oshki-aayaag Akina Gaÿ Abinoonjiwaag.


POSTPONED – Treaty 2 Territory Minor Hockey Championship

The FNT2T Minor Hockey Circle gathered to discuss the impending snowstorm and its effects on the Minor Hockey Championship.  Every scenario foreseeable was discussed and ultimately a decision has been of postponing the Championship to April 28 – May 1, 2022 respecting the safety of our children, members and spectators.

Given the extreme nature of this storm, and the hundreds of people that would be travelling on highways and airplanes to reach Dauphin, safety was the primary driving factor behind this decision.  We understand that this decision will result in many inconveniences, therefore, full refunds are being offered to those unable to make the new dates.



The Ogimaag of First Nations in Treaty 2 Territory strongly support Gizhediziiwin, Reconciliation, Every Child Matters and Lateral Kindness for all people of Turtle Island.  The aim of this Minor Hockey Championship was to allow children to play together and build an event that will provide new opportunities and friendships.

In an effort towards full transparency, the FNT2T Minor Hockey Committee has released the following statement:

We understand that accountability to answer any questions related to changing the requirements and regulations of the 2022 Minor Hockey Championship is needed.  

When the original requirements and regulations were issued, the goal was to have a tournament with the 12 Treaty 2 Nations and 13 neighbouring Nations only.  After some time however, it became apparent that there were not enough Treaty 2 teams to fill the necessary number of rosters.  Additionally, we were already receiving many inquiries from other Nations asking to include their teams.  When presented with this, the Minor Hockey Circle voted to allow non-Treaty 2 Nations to participate.  

The reasoning behind this decision was to make the event as fun and competitive as possible.  Additionally, when attempting to uphold the spirit of Every Child Matters, who were we to say ‘no’ to certain children just because of where they live.

To that point, there are zero Treaty 2 Territory teams on the waitlist or who were rejected due to the inclusion of non-Treaty 2 teams.

When presented with the decision on whether to allow non-Indigenous players on rosters, all scenarios were discussed and explored.  Once again, we concluded that the spirit of Every Child Matters must outweigh ancestry and we could not, in our hearts leave those kids out.  This decision has been made through consultation with the FNT2T Knowledge Council and Youth Council Leaders and completely in the spirit of inclusion, Reconciliation, and Every Child Matters.  Any abuse of this policy to ‘stack’ a team will not be tolerated.

With respect to certain comments and questions directed towards FNT2T staff, tournament organizers, and Nation members, the FNT2T Minor Hockey Circle would like to direct your attention to a practice known as ‘Lateral Kindness’.  Lateral Kindness is a teaching that is part of who we are as First Nations people. We have been given instructions to treat everything with love, respect, truth, honesty, wisdom, courage and humility. This is who we are meant to be.

 Lateral violence is carried out when bullying, gossip, intimidation, and harassment happens. The cycle of abuse of lateral violence is rooted in colonization, oppression, intergenerational trauma, racism and discrimination.

 “The Governing Council is calling for FNT2T to be a zero-lateral violence territory. In order to heal we must all take responsibility for being kind, mindful and respectful to one another through resolution 2019-08-07-002 moved by Chief Cornell McLean, Lake Manitoba First Nation, seconded by Chief Norman Bone, Keeseekoowenin First Nation.”

Please be kind to each other and let’s continue working together for the children.

Nothing About Us, Without Us,


PDF of Media Statement: FINAL-Minor Hockey Championship Postponed & Addressing Roster Concerns-Media Statement


For more information on Treaty 2 Territory Anishinaabek Nation’s Lateral Kindness Policy, please visit

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For Minor Hockey Championship Inquiries:

Craig Beaulieu, Sports & Recreation Keeper, Minor Hockey Executive Circle President

First Nations in Treaty 2 Territory

(204) 250.1546 | Email:


For Media Inquiries:

Danielle McGurry, Communications Keeper,

First Nations in Treaty 2 Territory

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