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U20 Draft – Rosters announced!

April 21, 2022

Treaty 2 Territory – April 20, 2022  in the Heart of Treaty 2 Territory, we held our 1st ever U20 Junior Hockey Challenge draft!  It was an amazing historic event with great people and guests.  We invited the first 4 draft picks to our government office in Dauphin and went live for 6:00 pm.   Master of Ceremonies Ray Mousseau kicked the night off with welcoming the everyone to the draft, and thanked everyone tuned in online.  Ray then passed the floor off to our Ogichidaa from Animoozeebeeng, Cornell McLean.

Ogichidaa praised the coach of Team Misaabe, Shaquille Houle for giving back and volunteering his services to the upcoming hockey stars from our territory.  He praised the young stars in our territory and Lead Keeper Boh on his tireless efforts and experience in the hockey world.  Miigwech for Ogichidaa for his words and we will continue to push forward for the young people in our territory.

The first round we invited the 4 top players in the rankings to accept their jersey and meet their coach.  Hayden Lacquette and Keelian Levasseur had to send their regrets, however we had Tristan Bear and Brayden Stevenson in attendance, both products of Peguis First Nation.

We had over 100 players on the draft list from evaluation skates, unfortunately we were only able to keep 70 players for the tournament.

(Coaches Boh Kubrakovich-Kiniw, Joe Lacquette, Norman Lacquette, and Shaquille Houle discuss picks and draft list)

The first round went as follows;  A random name generator determined who would be making the first pick, and it came down to in the order of Team Misaabe, Team Aniimikii, Team Maaniipogo, and last but not least Team Memegwezhiisik.

With their first pick, Team Misaabe’s Shaquille Houle called out Ochichakkosipi product Hayden Lacquette.  Hayden wasn’t in attendance as he had a prior engagement.

(Hayden Lacquette)

Team Aniimikii was up next and wasted no time, as fill in GM Norm Lacquette picked Tristan Bear of Peguis First Nation.

(Tristan Bear and Norm Lacquette)

With the 3rd overall pick, Team Maaniipogo picked Sandy Bay Ojibway First Nation skater, Keelian Levasseur.  Keelian who is a KJHL rookie of the year candidate couldn’t make it as he was in game 5 of the finals with the Peguis Juniors.

(Keelian Levasseur)

the 4th pick overall went to Team Memegwezhiisik, and FNT2T Lead Keeper and best dressed man in the building, Boh Kubrakovich-Kiniw picked from Peguis First Nation, Brayden Stevenson.

(Brayden Stevenson and Boh Kubrakovich-Kiniw)

The first round was a wrap and coaches had more time to go over their next move to pick a goalie.

After a brief break, goalies were picked and were as follows, Team Misaabe picked Tyrese Bear (Peguis), Team Aniimikii picked Sandy Bay Badgers tendy, Keecan Beaulieu.  Up next was Team Maaniipogo and they picked from Sioux Valley Marcus Whitecloud, and with the final goalie pick, Team Memegwezhiisik picked Linden Gamblin (Norway House / Peguis) and Minegoziibe goaltender Lawrence Chartrand.

Rounds 3-17 went off very smoothly and the coaches were all able to put together some good competitive squads.  (Full rosters posted below)

From the Treaty 2 Territory Government, the Treaty 2 Hockey Cirlce, we want to say chiimiigwech to EVERYONE who made this possible.  The players, the coaches, the sponsors, our designer Kyle Pashe at Red Eagle Design, the staff at Treaty 2, all the parents who drive tireless hours to games, EVERYONE involved in developing a hockey player.  Miigwech to everyone who attended the evaluation skates.  Sorry we couldn’t keep all the players, keep skating, keep playing, get stronger, get faster!

Miigwech to everyone who tuned in!


See you all next week.

Craig Beaulieu

Sports & Recreation Keeper





PLEASE CONTACT Craig Beaulieu to confirm your attendance


Coach:  Shaquille Houle

G  Tyrese Bear

  1. Hayden Lacquette
  2. Gabrielle Beaulieu
  3. Jordan Sanderson
  4. Lyle Murdock
  5. Draysen Stagg
  6. Darian Sinclair
  7. Bobby Orr-Roulette
  8. Jay Racette
  9. Toby Anderson
  10. Kobe Murdock-Sanderson
  11. Keegan Gaywish
  12. Reed Houle
  13. Antonio Racette
  14. Ashton Sutherland
  15. Peyton Gaywish
  16. Desmond Cameron
  17. Chase Houle



Coach:  Harley Garrioch

G   Keecan Beaulieu

  1. Tristan Bear
  2. Colby Bear
  3. Keanu Woodhouse
  4. Eli Murdock
  5. Kyle Cochrane
  6. Jordan Beaulieu
  7. RJ Spence
  8. Jamie Maytwayashing
  9. Tavon McCorrister
  10. Taylor Paupanekis
  11. Kobe Smith-Mink
  12. Geordie Kohoko
  13. Dorian Cameron
  14. Tegan Sutherland
  15. Grayson Richard
  16. Reed Brass-Cook
  17. Phoenix Duncan



Coach: Terrence Lacquette

G  Marcus Whitecloud

  1. Keelian Levasseur
  2. Dennis Baptise
  3. Noah Houle
  4. Nathaniel Flett-Nepew
  5. Nathanial Murdock
  6. Teane Bunn
  7. Everette Beaulieu
  8. Jayden McPherson
  9. Ayden Daniels
  10. Isaiah Spence
  11. Brady McPherson
  12. Chance Beaulieu
  13. Theo Pratt
  14. Brannigan Ferland
  15. Mitchell Wilson
  16. Terrance Jonas
  17. Blake Kematch



Coach: Boh Kubrakovich-Kiniw & Cameron Catcheway

G  Linden Gamblin

G  Lawrence Chartrand

  1. Brayden Stevenson
  2. Jackson Jacques
  3. Braden Swampy
  4. Ryan Taylor
  5. Jordan whitecloud
  6. Ryan Taylor
  7. Domi Leask
  8. Hunter Nepinak
  9. Kolden Schwenzer
  10. Bradley Prince
  11. Malik McKay
  12. Clint Lafreniere
  13. Arias Wahpoosywan
  14. Keyon Malcolm
  15. Braden Parenteau
  16. Shayze Kakewash
  17. Linden Chartrand



(all games take place in Dauphin, T2T at Credit Union Place)

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