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Odaminoang Circle Onakonehkewin (Sports and Recreation Law) Reviewed by Legal/Policy Team

June 6, 2022

Treaty 2 Territory – on June 1, 2022 Sports and Recreation met with the legal/policy team with the Treaty 2 Government.  I was nervous going in to the meeting as I have never created a law before, however I had a strong team backing me with a lot of insight.  They gave me the tools needed to get this law together, and I was pretty confident that I did a pretty good job of it.

How did I come to this point?  Well it all started with a meeting with Chantell Barker, who did the Peacemaking law, and hers was really good.  It followed our Anishinaabe way and was very well written.  I used her Peacemaking law as somewhat of a template, even if I didn’t have as much information as she needed.  I followed up with a meeting with Allan Sutherland, our from our Earth Lodge Circle, and he gave me teachings on Anishinaabe systems which have been used since the beginning of time.

Allan and I came up with 4 bundles for Sports and Recreation circle, and they are;  (1) Sports, (2) Recreation, (3) Arts, (4) Leisure and Land based, and the Odaminoang Circle was created.  This covers all aspects of “playing” rather than, just Sports and Recreation.  I really felt the need to add Leisure in, as I noticed that a lot of young Treaty 2 Citizens like to play video games, that is “playing” and they are also bonding while playing online.  My sons, who are also athletes all played video games, and all are elite athletes, so I truly feel that a video game doesn’t hinder and physical activity and is very important for good mental health. I felt it was important to try include EVERYONE when it came to Miino-Biimadiziiwin.

We got to the meeting, and I read the Onakonehkewin to the team and the response was positive throughout the whole talk.  There were some language suggestions, and minor changes needed, but we felt the law is ready to be seen.

I will be presenting to the Youth Council at the next meeting, I am excited to get this going for our people in the Treaty 2 Territory.

Miigwech for reading!


Craig Beaulieu

Sports and Recreation Keeper

Odaminoang Circle


Last modified: June 6, 2022

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