Nation-Based Sovereign-Based Government

The Peacemaking Bundle

June 23, 2022

The Peacemaking Bundle is one of the Four Bundles of Governance. The Four Bundles, which are the Governance structure for the Treaty 2 Government, restore Anishinaabe processes as well as modern processes. The Peacemaking Circle Bundles include the Seven Circles of Peacemaking, Peacemakers, Peacekeepers, Commissions, and Tribunals. The Peacemaking Bundle is the Legal Bundle that will ensure the Onankonehkawin (laws) are recognized and enforced.

The Treaty 2 Government’s Four Bundles include the Legislative Bundle which includes the Governance Councils, the Executive Bundle oversees Administration, the Earth Lodge Bundle oversees Anishinaabe Inclusion, and the Peacemaking Bundles that oversees legal processes. The Keepers of the Four Bundles are part of the Executive Circle who provide support to the Ogichidaa, Ogemas, Councils, Grand Council and Lead Keeper. The Four Bundles include Anishinaabe methodologies, as well as modern processes due to the current laws that are in place by our Nation.

The Peacemaking Bundle include the Seven Circles of Peacemaking which include Peacemakers and Peacekeepers. The Seven Circles of Peacemaking includes the Lynx Circle (Prevention and Early Intervention), the Deer Circle (Restorative Peacemaking), the Eagle Circle (Interventions and Programming), the Turtle Circle (The Anishinaabe Law Centre and Registrar), the Bear Circle (Policing), the Loon Circle (Tribunals), and the Crane Circle (Appeals). The Seven Circles of Peacemaking is founded on Anishinaabek Legal Framework with the goal of restoring Customary Laws, Natural Laws, and Mino-Bimaadiziwin.

The Peacemaking Bundle and Peacemaking Commission oversee Peacemaking which includes the Lynx, Deer, Eagle, Turtle, Loon, and Crane Circles. They consist of Commissioners from the 12 Nations in the Treaty 2 Territory. The Peacemaking Commission are spokespersons for their Nation, they ensure that Peacemaking ensures that their Nations’ needs are addressed and that their Nation is up to date on Peacemaking. The Peacemaking Commission is provided updates on Peacemaking, reviews policies, laws, administration and provides guidance and support to the Peacemaking Keeper.

The Peacekeeping Commission oversees the Bear Circle which is responsible for Peacekeeping. The Peacekeeping Commission establishes priorities and objectives for the Peacekeeping Service, develops policies for effective Peacekeeping, monitors performance of the Lead Bear Peacekeeper, providing advice to the Governing Council on regulations dealing with the operation of Peacekeeping and consults with the Anishinaabek on matters relating to law enforcement and policing.
The Peacemaking Tribunals sit in the Loon and Crane Circles. The Loon Circle is the legal process used to hear offences that violate the First Nations in the Treaty 2 Territory Onankonehkawinin and any matters under an agreement. The Loon Circle and Crane Circle are independent from the FNT2T Councils and exercises its authorities and responsibilities in an impartial manner, in accordance with the First Nations in the Treaty 2 Onankonehkawinan and Principles. The Crane Circle is responsible for appeals that were disposed in the Loon Circle. The Crane Circle includes participation from the Grandmother Council. The Grandmother Council provides guidance to the judicial official who hears the Appeals and finalizes the order.

The Peacemaking Bundles ensure all FNT2T laws are recognized and enforced in the territory. This includes Peacemaking, Child, Family and Nation, Care and Protection of the Natural World, Health and Wellbeing, Sports and Recreations, etc. Peacemaking recognizes Band Council Resolutions and Laws that are not currently recognized in the Provincial Courts. Peacemakers are responsible for ensuring Peace in the territory and Peacekeepers ensure the people are living in harmony. Together they will restore Mino-Bimaadiziwin.


Last modified: July 5, 2022

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