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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: The Treaty 2 Territory Anishinaabek responds to Moushom Class Action – Jordan’s Principle Compensation

July 5, 2022

The Governing Council and Ogichidaa of Treaty 2 Territory

To protect our way of life in the arena of policy and law-making, specifically Abinoonjii Onakonekawin. The Ogimaag wishes to respectfully acknowledge the fight to bring and bridge life-making changes for the Ningo’doode (families) of our Nation.

Piijiinago (Yesterday), Treaty 2 Territory Government was in attendance to hear AFN-Regional Chief Cindy Woodhouse-Nepinak present on the First Nations Child and Family Services and Jordan’s Principle which highlighted:

  • 20 billion settlement agreement reached on June 30th, 2022.
  • Agreement-in-Principle completed on 20221. Settles issues on compensation for the Removed Child Class and their families, Jordan’s Principle/Trout Classes, and their families
  • Eligibility criteria determined by December 2022. The
  • Parties to attend the federal court on Distribution Protocol remaining timelines by Canadian Human Rights and Federal Court.
  • Oversight provided by Assembly of First Nations on Distribution Protocol.

The court decision addresses the issue that Canada knowingly underfunded child and family services for First Nations children living on Reserve.

Canada failed to comply with Jordan’s Principle, a legal requirement designed to safeguard First Nations Children’s existing substantive equality rights guaranteed in the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

Canada’s failure to provide First Nations with essential services available to non-First Nations Children or which would have been required to ensure substantive equality under the Charter.

Intend that the Claims process be administered in an expeditious, cost-effective, user friendly, culturally sensitive, and trauma-informed manner. Safeguard the best interests of Children. Minimize administrative burden on Class Members. Ensure culturally informed and trauma-informed mental health and cultural support services as well as navigational services available to Class Members.


For further details please contact FNT2T Lead Keeper, Boh Kubrakovich at 204.648.6268

For Media Inquiries:

Danielle McGurry, Communications Keeper

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