Nation-Based Sovereign-Based Government

Ogichidaa McLean brings forth the Treaty 2 Nation’s Right to Sovereignty at the Assembly of First Nations (AFN)

July 5, 2022

The Governing Council and Ogichidaa of Treaty 2 Territory

This week, the Treaty 2 Territory Ogimaag travelled to the Musquem, Squamish, and Tsleil-Waututh Territory – and will spend time building and renewing political relations at the National level. engaging in Wiisakodaadiiwin (a unified-principled approach) with other Nations during the AFN – Annual General Assembly.

Ge Niigaanshkamong – Issues and priorities, such as initiatives that support Anishinaabe governance, respect Anishinaabe Onakonekawinan, and meaningfully address specific and comprehensive land claims that still require acceptance by Canada for negotiation.

We are also amplifying the “Voice” of Anishinaabek Peoples when it comes to the sovereign right to self-govern ourselves. An immediate response from federal cabinet is required to move on self-determination and treaty interests.

The reality is that it has been a heartbreaking and difficult time for us with the Missing and Murdered Women, Girls, and Two-Spirit (MMIWGT), climate change issues, and the on-going searches to locate our Ancestral Abinoonjiwag at Residential School sites. On top of what are we dealing with the pandemic – predominantly, recovering from our collective grief. Support for our Mino-Bimaadiziiwin Framework is needed now more than ever.

As the Day School application deadline looms ahead, we are calling on our partners in Ottawa to extend the deadline. This is a time to be empathetic and have the political will to address structural remedies that coincides with cultural responsiveness and respect for life.

“We certainly want to represent “Wiisakodaadiiwin” with other Nations as well as with Canada’s Federal Cabinet Ministers that will be in attendance. In the context of relational-governing, we want to take full advantage of what exactly meetings like these have to offer, “a national opportunity”

– Ogichidaa Mclean.


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Last modified: July 5, 2022

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