Nation-Based Sovereign-Based Government

Our land and Nation is the foundation of Onankonehkawin

July 25, 2022

Treaty 2 Territory – If not today when do we prosper by reclaiming our Nationhood?

“Today we forge ahead with the goal of reclaiming self-governance of a Nation in a territory recognized internationally and by Canada on behalf of the Queen of England and Ireland”.

Before we get into how this is possible, and why Canada’s Supreme Court side with the real and original owners of the land, we want to talk about how the land is the foundation of our law.

Our treaty partners do not understand the importance of land, given to us by the Creator, and that directs us in Inakonegawin (law making) and the reclamation of our government.

The day before treaty with the crown our Anishinaabe/Ininew Nation had laws, governance and an organized and peaceful life. Our treaty partners designed their policies to dominate, assimilate or eliminate a once strong prosperous nation.

While we suffered under the efforts to dominate us, our ancestors persevered. We have always had inherent sovereignty, the right to govern ourselves without interference. We must continue to exercise it if we want to regain control of our lives.

The treaties with the crown, particularly Treaty 1 / 2, was for immigration and settlement. It didn’t talk about the taking of resources without compensation, holding unoccupied lands, developing or taking anything beyond the surface. Water was never discussed and the elimination of self-governance within the nation was certainly never discussed.

So why are we waiting for the crown / Canada to do the right thing?  With the Anishinaabe/Ininew Nation reclaiming it’s true governance within our bundles that include councils and circles, we can renew our Nation and take control of our governance and our lands. Empowerment is within and only within.

Onakonehkewin is the law that organizes the Anishinaabe/Ininew governance and has empowered your ability to breath, live and prosper on the lands of the entire territory. It also returns all lands you thought were lost to you.

Compensation is owed for the transgressions of the settlers, the lands and resources are owed and control and governance is ours to develop. It is our responsibility to move forward.

If not now, then when?

Boh Kubrakovich – Kiniw, Lead Keeper AA_T2 / FNT2T

Last modified: July 25, 2022

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