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Odaminoang Circle is ready for Grand Council – 23/24 August 2022 Kakakwekejeong

July 27, 2022

Treaty 2 Territory – Odaminoang translates to “playing” in Anishinaabemowin.  The Odaminoang Circle is one of the 7 Circles, within the Executive Bundle of the First Nations in Treaty 2 Government. There are the four bundles within the Odaminoang Circle, and they are Sports, Recreation, Arts, Leisure and Land Based activity in the Treaty 2 Territory.

Onankonehkawin (Law): The Odaminoang Onankonehkawin is based on the 4 areas that are considered “playing”. The Peacemaking Onankonehkawin includes the Seven Circles of Peacemaking including Peacekeeping. The Odaminoang Onankonehkawin was created and sponsored by Youth Council on June 29 2022, and is awaiting to be passed through Grand Council 23/24 August 2022 in Kakakwekejeong.

Governing Council: is comprised of the Ogemas and a Chairperson from each of the Ogemaakwek, Knowledge, Ininiiug, Ikwewak and Oshkiniiug Councils, meets regularly to provide direction to draft laws through sovereign government and resolutions to be presented to the Grand Council and implemented therefor after.

Oshkiniiug (Youth) Council: The Youth Council makes recommendations to the Odaminoang Circle regarding sports, recreation, arts, leisure and land-based activities, and territorial games.  The Governing Council shall establish authorities and responsibilities of the Youth Council, in accordance with traditional principles of Anishinaabe customary law, and upon advice from the Grand Council.

The Four Bundles of the Odaminoang Circle:   

  • Sports – support for all sports in T2T
  • Recreation – support for all recreation in T2T
  • Arts – support for all arts in T2T
  • Leisure and Land Based – support for all leisure and land based activity in T2T

All four bundles of the Odaminoang Circle are accessible to all T2T Citizens, regardless of any barrier (ex: age, ability, sexual orientation, etc).

Grand Council – 23/24 August 2022 Kakakwekejeong

The Odaminoang Circle is part of the Executive Bundle and oversees the administration and interpretation of the Odaminoang Onankonehkawinan.  A resolution has come forward by the Youth Council to review, discuss and pass the Odaminoang Onankonehkawinan at this year’s Grand Council is ready for 23/24 August 2022 at the Community Complex at Kakakwekejeong.

Documentation to Review and reference:

Last modified: July 29, 2022

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