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Treasury and Financial Administration ready for Grand Council – 23/24 August 2022 Kakakwekejeong

July 27, 2022

Treaty 2 Territory – The Legislative Bundle is one of the Four Bundles of the First Nations in Treaty 2 Government. It is the Legislative Bundle that recognizes the First Nations in the Treaty 2 Government Councils and enforces the Treasury and Financial Administration laws in the Treaty 2 Territory. There are the four sections of the Legislative Bundle which includes Councils, Treasury and Trust, Commerce, and Corporations.

The Legislative Bundle’s Councils, consists of Local Nation Representatives, include the Governing Council, Women’s Council, Grandmother Council, Men’s Council, Knowledge Council, and the Youth Council. The Councils are mandate with roles and responsibilities as per the Term’s of Reference. The Councils provide guidance on the direction of the First Nations in Treaty 2 Territory Government and sponsors resolutions to proceed to the Governing and Grand Council.

The Legislative Bundle enforces and implements the Treasury and Financial Administration Law. The Treasury and Financial Administration Law that identifies the Definitions, Purpose, Jurisdiction, Structure, Application, Authority and Responsibilities, Conflict of Interest, Financial Administrative Affairs, Fiscal Management, Record of Money, Corporations, Appeal Procedure, Amendment Law, Liability, and Commencement.

The Objectives of the Treasury and Financial Administration Law are:

  • Financial Accountability and Self-Determination in the Treaty 2 Territory;
  • Management and Jurisdiction of 21.5 million acres;
  • Managing flow through of IPSs;
  • Administer Treasury Law;
  • Adhere to Trusts;
  • Capacity building in Financial Administration;
  • Lease back of lands;
  • Manage unoccupied lands;
  • Land Trust Law and Trust Fund Law; and
  • Trust Bank.

In addition, the Legislative Bundle oversees the Corporations, Commerce, Bundle and Circle Operational Budgets, and transfer of funds from other governments. The Legislative Bundles provides accountability and transparency by conducting regularly audits of the Bundles and Circles and provides financial reports to the Governing Council.  Finally, the Legislative Bundle provides an Annual Financial Report at the Grand Council.

Grand Council – 23/24 August 2022 Kakakwekejeong

The Treasury and Financial Administration is part of the Legislative Bundle and oversees the Treasury and Financial Administration of the government and interpretation of the Onankonehkawinan.  A resolution has come forward by the Governing Council to review, discuss and pass the Odaminoang Onankonehkawinan at this year’s Grand Council is ready for 23/24 August 2022 at the Community Complex at Kakakwekejeong.

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